Monday, July 8, 2024

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A Push to Address the Pressing Evolutionary Needs of Today’s Data Centers

Marvell Technology, Inc., a leader in data infrastructure semiconductor solutions, has officially announced the launch of its new Alaska® P PCIe retimer product line,...

The Three Biggest Factors Impacting Digital Infrastructure Today

It has been a busy season for Digital Infrastructure conferences and particularly those focussed on or featuring data centers. There are literally three topics...

One Size Does Not Fit All: Examining the Pivotal Role of Customer Experience in Data Centers

Statistics and reports about how the customer experience is king are not hard to come by. Yes, it’s common knowledge that most buyers (Salesforce claims 88%) say...

The Sustainable Potential of Underground Data Centers

Data centers are a critical component of the digital infrastructure ecosystem and functioning of the internet. The data center industry is poised to experience...

Quenching AI’s Thirst: How Liquid Cooling Tackles Infrastructure Demands

The generative AI boom has demonstrated how artificial intelligence can be a technical revolution and an environmental resource hog at the same time. The high-end...

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Data centers, essential and in crisis

During the pandemic, the number of data management centers increased globally. In 2021 there were nearly 8,000 such centres worldwide; approximately 40% are in the US1. Further growth is...

The Data Revolution: How Analytics Drives Data Center Efficiency and Operations

In an era where algorithms delve deep into our digital footprints, deciphering our behaviors and preferences, it is no surprise that data has transformed...

Accelerating Data and Analytics Capabilities Age of Generative AI: How Governance is a Key Enabler

The underlying principles of Artificial Intelligence have been evolving over decades.  Recent advances have created nothing short of a revolutionary breakthrough in information management. ...

Method for Removing Orbital Space Debris from Near Earth Orbit using the Solar Wind with PRRISM (Platform for Redirecting and Removing Inert Space Material)

Ironstar Engineering (IE), LLC is developing the PRRISM satellite system for the remediation of small space debris in the near earth orbits and allowing...

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