Friday, May 17, 2024

Dropping a Hyperlocal Edge in Your Weather Reports

AccuWeather® has officially announced the launch of several new capabilities for its popular interactive touchscreen system, the WeatherShow Enhancer. According to certain reports, the stated development will make it possible for the system to offer more motion, greater interactivity, faster severe weather information, and thanks to a partnership with Ambient Weather, it can also be expected to conceive superior real-time hyperlocal weather data. Before we get any further into this development, though, we must take a closer look at AccuWeather’s WeatherShow Enhancer in its existing form, which includes a multi-screen presentation tool that can work together with any TV station’s existing weather system. You see, owing to a software and hardware display system built on AccuWeather’s StoryTeller+® Interactive Touchscreen System, the stated tool basically ensures exclusive live interactive capabilities for the on-air talent. As for how the update aids its case, we begin from an improved touchscreen technology. This technology will enable you to enlarge or shrink graphics or videos through a simple touch. Next up, we have the prospect of better street-level reporting where most granular level of worldwide reporting, detailed mapping, and labeling ensure that you are able to pan and zoom into any neighborhood in your DMA for greater localization. Joining the same would be the system’s newly-integrated 6 live HD/SDI video inputs, along with endless video feeds, that allow users to display multiple scenes simultaneously. There is also in play a set of spotlight and telestration tools to better highlight key areas on the screen.

Moving on, the update in question further conceives for you new severe weather features. These feature come bearing a responsibility to issue severe weather warnings and alerts that will, in turn, appear on the Enhancer screen right as they are issued. Such a mechanism helps the broadcast meteorologist access severe weather information in real time, and consequentially, expedites the speed at which viewers receive the news. Markedly enough, there is also a unique 4-screen display of severe weather components, a display which helps on-air talent to collectively show all the key weather impacts happening in the same area, with a focus on delivering the promised insight in an easy-to-understand manner.

“Having the most accurate and hyperlocal forecasts, meteorologists who can best communicate and illustrate the latest weather story, and a weather team viewers can depend on and trust during times of severe weather are key to winning the local weather wars,” said Dr. Joel Myers, Founder and Executive Chairman of AccuWeather. “Weather information changes right up to the second when you are live on the air, and our latest version of the WeatherShow Enhancer provides the fastest live severe weather tools and more real-time street-by-street weather data – information that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Hold on, we still have a few bits left to unpack, considering we still haven’t discussed how AccuWeather WeatherShow Enhancer will now offer you access to the densest network of over 100,000 weather stations. Fetching for you street by street™ weather data of hyperlocal conditions in your DMA, the said network doubles or even triples the amount of weather stations in each DMA. To round things up, we must acknowledge how two of the most popular features in the award-winning AccuWeather app are now available on the WeatherShow Enhancer. These features include AccuWeather MinuteCast, which is a patented hyperlocal, Minute-by-Minute™ forecast of precipitation type and intensity for the next 2 hours. The second feature would be AccuWeather WinterCast™. This one is all about letting the anchor show probabilities of various snow accumulations from approaching winter storms.