Friday, May 17, 2024

A Fundraising-Innovation to Expand Upon the Pursuit of Greater Social Impact

Blackbaud, the leading provider of software for powering social impact, has officially released an assortment of enhancements for its industry-leading fundraising software, Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT®. Set to become available for users at no extra cost, these enhancements begin from powerful new fundraising AI, which comes bearing an ability to surface new donation opportunities, as well as automate customer journeys to present the best next steps for cultivating valuable supporters. Furthermore, it will leverage generative AI to help fundraisers draft constituent communications—all based on Blackbaud’s responsible Intelligence for Good® strategy, with built-in best-practice security principles. Next up, we have the prospect of a streamlined Raiser’s Edge NXT user experience. Powered through modern UX technology, the stated experience is markedly reimagined for every player on the modern fundraising team, helping these people come together to achieve their most important outcomes. Complimenting the same is how 100% of critical workflows are going to be accessible here through a single and unified view. Moving on, the development in question even brings to the fore a set of personalized productivity dashboards. These dashboards, on their part, are to allow every user to focus on and prioritize their next actions and critical tasks. Now boasting an executive view feature, the stated dashboards will also make it possible for leaders to take more nimble decisions, whereas the solution’s fundraiser views function should prove useful in the context of identifying priority outreach and engagement opportunities. The idea behind gauging such opportunities is to focus on major output components and take them towards mission-impacting gifts.

“Fundraisers rely on Raiser’s Edge NXT to raise money, save time, and deliver remarkable outcomes for their organizations,” said Mike Gianoni, president and CEO of Blackbaud. “We’re excited to deliver cutting-edge innovations over the next year that will supercharge our customers’ efficiency and outcomes at an unrivaled scale across the social impact community. This is the most popular and powerful software on the market today, and these enhancements will ensure fundraisers remain on the frontlines of innovation.”

Rounding up highlights for us would the platform’s pledge to provide you with top-performing donation forms, forms that will offer users fee-free processing to bring in more gifts and donors at less cost. Another detail worth a mention along the similar lines is concerned with how Blackbaud’s donation forms are actually designed to prioritize the donor experience, and on the other hand, save organizations’ crucial time and monetary resources. In case that didn’t sound like impressive enough, then we must acknowledge the forms’ tendency to be mobile-first, their tendency to display seamlessly on a website without the need of a whole new webpage, as well as their knowhow in enabling payment directly within the form. Finally, there is comprehensive intelligence baked right into these forms to automatically adjust the “ask ladder” functionality, and therefore, achieve higher-than-average gift amounts based on donor data analysis.

“Moving from a very outdated CRM to Raiser’s Edge NXT was truly a game changer for us. We are so pleased to have such a robust fundraising solution containing a suite of state-of-the-art advancement tools, all in one simple user interface. Blackbaud does a stellar job of offering trainings, knowledgebase solutions, and an overall community of users that makes the adjustment to a new system less intimidating. We are excited for further enhancements coming and encouraged by what we saw from Blackbaud live at AFP Icon,” said Jeff Shaw, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at Harris-Stowe State University.