Friday, May 17, 2024

A Bid to Address the Alarming Issue of Undetected Fires

Resideo Technologies, a leading global provider of solutions for home comfort, energy management, safety, and security, has officially announced the launch of its latest First Alert® smoke alarm technology. According to certain reports, the stated technology arrives bearing an ability to provide early warning for fire, while simultaneously reducing nuisance alarms caused by cooking, smoke, and harmless steam. Understood to have become available and included in smoke and combination smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, the stated technology is also made to be 100 percent compliant with Underwriters Laboratories’ latest industry standards. Shedding a little more light on the setup’s two main benefits, we begin from its promise of early warnings. Here, the idea is to especially cater to all the homes that are furnished with modern construction material. You see, today’s homes tend to burn hotter and faster, all because of their high ceilings and open floor plans. Not just that, it is also because they have more of those lighter, synthetic materials across the premise than their older counterparts. This, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), has significantly reduced the window for escape, with the available time tumbling from 10-15 minutes in the 1970s to one to two minutes today. Given the risks, an early warning in regards to a fire could be life-saving.

Next up, we have the alarm’s pledge to reduce nuisance alarms. Contextualizing the importance of this feature is a fact that, while three out of every five home-fire deaths are caused by fires in properties without working smoke alarms, some also plainly disable their alarms just to silence any nuisance alerts. Resideo’s latest brainchild addresses this problem through its Precision Detection technology, which reduces the frequency of such nuisance alarms by a substantial degree.

“The benefits of these manufacturing standards are measurable and thoroughly tested to help protect what matters most,” said Ryan Park, Safety and Security Product Leader at Resideo Technologies. “The enhanced technology to reduce nuisance alarms and provide earlier warning is featured across our entire smoke and combination alarm product portfolio, so if your existing alarms are nearing the end of their ten-year, useful life or if you are looking for added features, it may be time to upgrade or replace.”

Alongside the product we referred to, the First Alert Precision Detection-powered smoke, combination smoke, and CO alarms also offer a variety of features to help meet home and family needs. These features include, for instance, a 10-Year Battery Smoke Alarm that brings to the fore a setup capable of providing reliable protection against both smoke and CO threats. Furthermore, its sealed 10-year battery means no low-battery chirps and battery replacements are required. Then, there is the Hardwire Smoke Alarm with Battery Backup. Designed for homes with existing hardwired alarms, the stated device allows for homeowners to interconnect multiple alarms together to put in place a comprehensive alarm system throughout their home. Once they do so, if one alarm sounds, all alarms in the home will sound to inform family members present inside the house. Complimenting the same would be Quick Connection plugs that ensure easy installation. Markedly enough, we also have a 10-Year Battery Smoke Alarm with Voice Alerts. This one focuses on minimizing confusion during an emergency, something the technology makes possible through a friendly voice that shares the type and the location of danger to guide residents towards the escape route. Like in the case of other 10-year battery smoke alarms, there is no need for you to spend on battery replacements.