Thursday, June 20, 2024

Setting Up a Smarter Line of Defense Against Wildfires

Wildfire Water Solutions (WWS) has officially announced the launch of a brand-new high-volume water system, which comes decked up with an ability to integrate both suppression tactics, along with continuous water conveyance, to save lives and prevent property damage. According to certain reports, the stated system brings forth a whole assortment of scalable high-volume water networks that, on their part, can move up to 300,000 gallons of water per hour in a continuous, uninterrupted stream. To go with that, there are also fully automated transfer pumps in play, capable of carrying water to the fire through a starting point which can be up to 75 miles away from its source. Next up, we have a prospect rooted in massive storage/small footprint. a prospect which is headlined by mobile tanks with 2,000 to 3 million gallons of capacity. Joining them would be Tac Tanks which boast a capacity of up to 20 thousand gallons to keep the water flowing at all times. Moving on, the technology in question also has a facility for rapid deployment across remote locations. This facility is, by and large, predicated upon a set of water distribution networks that can be deployed during a wildland fire emergency and can be fully operational in no more than 8 hours, with exact timeline dependant upon the location.

“We provide critical water networks and technology designed to confront catastrophic wildfire,” said Mike Echols, CEO of Wildfire Water Solutions. “We have built our systems with the knowledge of longtime wildfire incident commanders, wildfire professionals, and water logistics experts to create a safe and effective solution.”

Hold on, we still have a few bits left to unpack, considering we still haven’t touched on how WWS’ latest brainchild will also let you access automated delivery under pressure. Here, the tool is going to leverage its proprietary AquaView® network to allow for real-time, 24/7 monitoring and precise control of water delivery. Complimenting the same would be the technology’s advanced engineering, mapping, and leak detection systems that can help you achieve efficient management and rapid response to potential issues. Among other details, we can dig into the product’s of a safe experience, an offer which presents itself through pumps that deliver enormous water volume to the fire zones with unparalleled reliability, safety, and efficiency. In case this wasn’t enough, users can also come expecting an option to continuously monitor the operation, and therefore, eliminate risks before they become something bigger. Beyond personnel safety, WWS’ system also takes care of environmental safety. You see, thanks to that same monitoring function, it is able to keep an eye on pressure throughout the system to proactively mitigate leaks. It also allows you to collect and reuse water for the purpose of limiting drawdown on the original source.

All in all, the stated system should supplement WWS’ already-established pledge of working with communities, municipalities, utilities, agricultural, and recreation areas to mitigate the risk of fire and protect life and property using pre-positioned storage tanks and preventative protection systems.