Thursday, July 11, 2024

Healthcare is transforming across the globe with growing influence of modern technologies. Forrester in its report on “Predictions 2018: Digital Will Disrupt Siloed Healthcare Ecosystems”, speaks about the growing essence of Cloud, AI, and IOT Integrations to improve CX and Accelerate Digital Transformation. This clearly highlights the trend in the healthcare industry. Today, companies are offering game-changing solutions that will help healthcare providers to analysis and treat their patients better. Using Enterprise Health Clouds (EHCs), robots, AI and chatbots to robotic process automation (RPA), companies will offer integrated information for quick reference to patients and support agencies. In the coming years, such solutions, products, and services will make a great impact in giving quality health care that is more ‘value-based’, to the patients. The cloud-based solutions for maintaining electronic records of patients will enable health professionals and community groups access patient data comprehensively. This, in turn, will allow care providers to combine data, insights, and analytics in multiple ways to deliver integrated care.
This fully- integrated health network will help health care professionals to offer improved services for patients. To choose the right kind of products and software solutions, EV presents a list of ‘EV 20 Innovative Healthcare solutions providers’. Amongst several companies, a panel of experts comprising CEOs, Investors, CTOs, Industry experts, and EVs editorial team have worked together to choose top healthcare solutions providers. These technology companies provide robust and affordable solutions for comprehensive population health management through EHRs billing, performance management, revenue management, and more. We expect that this list will help you understand numerous innovations, solutions, and services in the healthcare sector. And, help you make an informed decision about inducing some of these solutions, in your offerings.


Advanced Data Systems

Management:Founder & President -David Barzillai |Headquarters: Paramus, NJ


Management:CEO-Raul Villar |Headquarters: South Jordan, UT


Management:CEO-Bill Hashmat |Headquarters: New York, NY


Management:Co-Founder and CEO-Girish Navani |HeadquartersWestborough, MA


Management:Founder & CEO-Robert Fabbio |HeadquartersAustin, TX

Greenway Health

Management:CEO-Scott Zimmerman|HeadquartersCarrollton, GA

GSI Health

Management:Founder, President, & CEO-LeRoy E Jones|HeadquartersPhiladelphia, PA


Management:CEO- Koorosh Yasami|HeadquartersScottsdale, AZ

Intelligent Medical Objects

Management:CEO & Co-Founder-
Frank Naeymi-Rad
|HeadquartersNorthbrook, IL


Management:CEO & President- Scott Finlay|HeadquartersFort Lee, NJ


Management:Co-Founder & CEO- Michelle Longmire |HeadquartersPalo Alto, CA


Management:CEO- Paul Kaiser |HeadquartersEmeryville, CA

Medidata Solutions

Management:CEO-  Tarek Sherif |HeadquartersNew York, NY

Meditab Software

Management:CEO- Paragi Patel |HeadquartersSacramento, CA

Nextech Systems

Management:CEO- Mike Scarbrough |HeadquartersTampa, FL


Management:CEO & President- Michael Jarjour  |HeadquartersPrinceton, NJ

Practice Fusion

Management:CEO- Tom Langan  |HeadquartersSan Francisco, CA


Management: CEO- Vinod Nair |HeadquartersNewark, CA

Smartlink Health Solutions

Management: CEO- Siu Tong|HeadquartersCary, NC

Triarq Health

Management: Chairman & Managing Partner-  Mike Sappington, |HeadquartersTroy, MI