Vinod Nair, CEO

When Vinod Nair founded PracticeSuite, he was driven by the passion for creating ease and convenience in large, yet technologically under-served health care software sector. The strategy was to provide an affordable and easy to adopt end-to-end technology to ensure medical practices could optimize insurance reimbursements for services and improve patient care. Vinod’s visionary leadership and problem- solving capabilities have been the driving factor behind the success of PracticeSuite. At its inception, PracticeSuite was the first company to offer cloud based platform that is browser and device agnostic, and today, over a decade later, it still is at the top of the pyramid with only a few other players that match the technology and its innovation. PracticeSuite has successfully added solutions such as Business Intelligence, collective Live Human Intelligence, Online Review, Medical CRM and Cybersecurity adding to the core practice management and clinical solutions to their platform.

“Due to rising cost and continues decline in reimbursement, healthcare IT needs cloud based technologies due its low adoption cost and hassle free technology. Cloud shifts the burden of technology and it compliance onto us so our client can focus on patient care. Second, we are evolving as a platform/app store enabling our clients to plug-n-play technologies as they evolve and grow. The power of enterprise class technology—Oracle, Java, Linux, the flexibility of Service Oriented Architecture, robust features of the PracticeSuite platform which can be tailored to suit small practices to large groups across 155 specialties, and the affordable of PracticeSuite cloud platform has gained attention of many large healthcare IT companies that are now looking to partner with us.,” explains Vinod.

Technology Seamlessly Automates Patient-to-Pay Cycle

PracticeSuite sees themselves as forward thinking critical problem solver. “Today, we offer complete patient-to-pay cycle automation solution. With PracticeSuite, we offer any and everything a practice can think of all under one single platform. In the absence of this model, the burden of correctly implementing, connecting, and maintaining these tools falls on the shoulders of the facility – creating a nearly unmanageable matrix of vendors, contracts, and expenditures.” Vinod continues, “We help them avoid such hassles through our single platform of connected applications.”

In 2010, PracticeSuite combined its scalable, SaaS infrastructure with a ‘freemium’ model. When talking about this move, Vinod says “making technology adoption easier– easy to get-in and easy to get-out” as the key motivating factor behind it, which he sees as the most important aspect in earning its client’s trust.

This model has helped PracticeSuite clients experience the software capabilities and the company’s commitment to a superior service level. As every user sees the value and robustness of the applications, allowing an easy way to upgrade their software affordably. Furthermore, components of PracticeSuite’s platform can be used without changing the client’s technology. The platform’s open- architecture model enables them to quickly develop new capabilities and plug-and-play with other players in the market.

Extending Security & Patient Satisfaction

As an advanced healthcare solutions provider, PracticeSuite has placed significant investments in Cybersecurity and privacy solutions in their R&D activities. Vinod says, “We’ve spent the last three years developing a fortress level secure medical office environment, where doctors can collaborate with their staff, form care teams, and communicate across the healthcare spectrum securely without the threat of cybercrime or HIPAA violation.” He adds, “As HIPAA fines become harsher and more punitive, healthcare providers will turn in mass to secure collaboration solutions from PracticeSuite.

Second, only to security issues for medical practices, is patient satisfaction. As a problem solver, PracticeSuite has developed an automated online patient satisfaction and review management app that helps to ensure not only that every patient leaves satisfied, but that they make it known to the physician and the world with an online review, which is highly significant considering the ever-increasing population searching the internet before selecting a doctor.

Vinod welcomes the opportunity to share more about how PracticeSuite is making healthcare safer, more efficient, and more effective with the sole objective of reducing administrative burden on medical practice so they focus on improving patient care. Visit for more information and be on the lookout for more industry-defining innovations from the PracticeSuite team this year!



CEO – Vinod Nair

 PracticeSuite is a cloud based medical office platform that serves over 43,000 healthcare professionals