LeRoy E. Jones – Founder, President, & CEO

LeRoy Jones, Founder, President, and CEO of GSI Health aspires to offer optimized healthcare services to the world today. Setting base in Philadelphia, PA, the company’s vision boasts about ‘Healthcare Solved.’ And, they are steadily making it possible by introducing healthcare IT reforms, through customized information exchange architectures. LeRoy, a firm believer in value-based care, speaks of how GSI made the first move through its software solutions to bring about software platforms that truly support value-based care, and integrated care teams.

Sharing insights into GSIs offering, LeRoy throws light on how these solutions focus on care management, well encapsulated with patient data analytics to offer comprehensive solutions. This essentially allows an opportunity to the caregivers for best resource management and best impact on patient health. Treading on the visionary path that LeRoy set forth, GSI has become the industry leader in solutions like population health management. They are also focused towards developing a multitude of working models to enhance collaborative community-based care.

Reinforcing the Value-Based Ideology

LeRoy Jones substantiates his vision to work towards value-based patient care by speaking about his most popular offering, the GSI Health Coordinator. He is proud to speak about this SaaS-enabled platform that does everything from data integration to analyses; across different platforms and communities. LeRoy further speaks about how that not only helps assimilate a patient’s medical records from different platforms but also their socioeconomic and behavioral issues. This assists the caregivers to offer the most comprehensive solutions to their medical issues. Wherein, data travels to and from EHRs, to administrative, clinical, public, HIEs, and various private information systems. He exclaims that this is as comprehensive as it could be and allows their customers a complete picture of patient wellbeing.

Measurable processes and not just outcomes, is the highlight of everything that differentiates GSI from other service providers. To enable this, GSI offers opportunities not limited to data collection, but infusing these comprehensive insights to regular patient care. In simple terms, GSI offers a 360-degree view to the caregivers about medical and non-medical factors concerning a patient that might impact treatment in any manner. This assists service teams to allocate only required resources and facilities to a person. Here, he again highlights the much-needed approach of delivering care-basis comprehensive information; getting to learn from it, and eventually improving on it.

Moving further into the discussion, LeRoy highlights the significance of treating each patient; instead of adopting a microscopic view, limited to the disease. Here he reflected concern about chronic diseases that impact several patients. While different caregiving teams offer their services towards the treatment. This is where different departments like administrative, social services and likewise come into the picture. And, so they want to bring the entire gamut of information regarding a ‘patient’ together on a single platform, for all to view and access. This instills the feeling of shared responsibility, allows shared experiences, and reduces the risk for the patient. In this context, they are already working together with the Maimonides Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY. Through their platform, GSI is helping the hospital and the community at large to streamline patient care effectively.

GSI Health has created a niche for itself by being the most popular population health management solution in NYC; assisting the vast Medicaid population. LeRoy is also confident about their market lead, wherein the competitors are still busy finding strong grounds.

As an expert marketing service, eRelevance engages patients across many different digital channels over the course of multiple coordinated campaign cycles. As a result, practices achieve and can see how many patients were targeted, how far through campaign execution they are, and how many of the targeted customers have been reached so far. When requesting a campaign, practices can choose a “concern” and target offers to patients who are most likely interested in the service or category based on previous actions they have taken.

“We’ve been able to build a very sophisticated tech platform that enables a service that’s bringing big box marketing sophistication to the SMB (including healthcare providers) at a price point they can afford,” says founder, CEO and serial entrepreneur Bob Fabbio of eRelevance. “One of the big differentiators, instead of being slow and expensive, we’re highly responsive and affordable. We built technology that can, in a fully integrated way, target audiences with seven different digital channels and very easily engages people with certain needs or desires with a relevant message.”

Practices can simply call their eRelevance account person and request a new campaign to drive new business or to connect with existing patients. The only thing practices need to provide is a usable customer database. Practices pay for the service as a monthly fee subscription that includes a set number of campaigns per month. That means Fabbio is scaling a high-margin, recurring revenue business with a significant demonstrated need. “They (healthcare providers) don’t even need to understand it. They simply just request work of us,” says Fabbio. According to a testimonial from Dr. Maria Sophocles, Obstetrician-Gynecologist at Women’s Healthcare of Princeton, “The response to our use of eRelevance so far has been overwhelming. So much so that we’ve needed to change our staffing and add hours to accommodate demand as a result of eRelevance’s efforts. In fact, we’re even considering opening a new location based on the increased demand. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised to see the overall lift in interest in our practice – even beyond the campaigns we’ve run. Simply put, eRelevance provides a wonderful opportunity for patients to get back in touch.”

Fabbio and eRelevance are focused on a highly specialized part of the healthcare market focusing on plastic surgery, medical spas, and dermatology centers. The company has been able to further stimulate adoption by partnering with the medical device manufacturers who bundle or resell the service to drive higher device utilization – resulting in increased sales for both eRelevance and the device companies. Following their mission closely, eRelevance relentlessly works towards offering a world-class service to their customers — helping healthcare providers to improve the quality of the care they provide.


GSI Health

Founder, President, & CEO – LeRoy E Jones

GSI Health is a health information technology platform helping care providers to achieve better patient care coordination.