Scott Finlay, CEO & President, MaxMD
Scott Finlay, CEO & President

Based out of New Jersey, MaxMD has been successfully developing products that resolve interoperability challenges faced by HIEs, EMR vendors, healthcare systems and coordinators. Having a flexible system infrastructure and commitment to build solutions that are scalable and the ease of implementation, only helps. With his experience of more than thirty years CEO Scott A. Finlay, strives to cultivate a culture of intellectual honesty and open dialogue between all the team members and his clients. His problem- solving ability has encouraged him to drive the growth of the company at a consistent pace.
According to Scott, any new technology introduced by the company need not be new, but should provide the best fit into the client’s workflow and must address all their problems. The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Healthcare IT announced Direct Protocol as an ‘interoperability’ solution for securely exchanging the healthcare data. Basis this, MaxMD develops and delivers interoperability solutions that are cost- effective, scalable and rapidly deployable. MaxMD creates scalable and sustainable Health Exchange Information solutions by incorporating tools like Hosted Direct mdEmail, Max Alerts, Direct- On- Fire, Max Integration, Encryption as a Service and Consumer and Patient Direct Addresses. Finlay says, “We solicit and listen to clients’ challenges and then develop a solution utilizing the different tools we have at our disposal”.
According to him, with the help of tools such as MaxNLP and MaxIntegration, their company is making the most of Direct Protocol for delivering different data loads to multiple unique endpoints. MaxMD provides tools that are easily accessible and can be incorporated into existing Healthcare IT system. Finlay adds, “At MaxMD we are focused on interoperability and creating sustainable and scalable solutions for all constituencies in the healthcare space”. Finlay tells us that his company is overcoming challenges of interoperability by focussing on policy, security and scalable concepts of HIE.
Finlay guides us through the solutions provided by MaxMD. He tells us that Direct mdEmail solution was developed for healthcare organisations without Electronic Medical Record. It has a digital signature product called MaxSignatures that integrated easily with the Direct mdEmail product to increase the use of Direct Protocol and making it secure. He adds, “We developed MaxSignatures™, to address virtually any signing scenario and ensure provenance of data.”
He explains that to be ahead of current and emerging technology, policy and security requirements, the company remains involved in Direct Trust groups. The CEO of MaxMd says, “We believe our unique products such as Natural Language Processing (MaxNLP™), “trusted” phone-based messaging (DirecText™), data translation (HealtheMax™), and MaxSignatures™ optimize and widen the use cases of the Direct Protocol and best position our customers for the future of Health Information Exchange”.
Talking about the company’s latest solution, MaxAlerts, he mentioned that it leverages real- time delivery of data and rule sets to help caregivers to manage high- risk patients. Detailing on the solutions, Finlay says, “We have several exciting projects that we are working on, which involve using Digital Signature technology, registries, and Patient Direct Addresses as well as tackling large file payloads”. He concludes by stating, “The more healthcare organizations understand about the versatility of the Direct Protocol the more our pipeline grows”.



CEO & President- Scott Finlay

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