Saturday, June 15, 2024

If we open the history books and skim through them, we’ll realize that every zone had its era where it witnessed maximum growth. Some flourished late in the 90s, while some gained the momentum early in the 21st century. Now if we ponder, we can clearly see how the meadow of Internet of Things or IoT is in the middle of its revolution. In basic sense, IoT is the notion of bringing every device on the catalogue of internet to make it more efficient, accessible, and smarter. Treading further ahead with the aforementioned revolution going in IoT industry, it’s understandable that you need someone to carry that insurgency to the highest point, and IoT industry turned out to be lucky enough to have visionaries who are working tirelessly to paint a new horizon. Some massive innovations have been announced recently. More and more valuable stuff is being lined up. Considering the current scenario, experts are tossing positive predictions. Competition to come out on top is certainly there, however it’s seen as something entirely healthy and instrumental in bringing the best out of individuals and groups.

To help businesses to make informed decisions about how they can attain maximum benefits from this IoT revolution EV presents a list of ‘EV 20 Innovative IoT Solution providers’. Amongst several companies, a panel of experts comprising CEOs, Investors, CTOs, Industry experts, and EV editorial team have worked together to choose top Big Data providers. These companies provide robust and affordable solutions for platform management, marketing, billing, revenue management, and more. We expect that this list will help you understand numerous innovations, solutions, and services in the IoT sector.


Management:CEO-Pierre Nanterme|Headquarters: Dublin,Republic of Ireland


Management:CEO-Yevgeny Dibrov |Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA


Management:CEO-Mohamed Shihab|Headquarters: Selangor, Malaysia

Elisa Corporation

Management:Kari Terho(Head-smart factory) |Headquarters Helsinki, Finland


Management:CEO-Darius Adamczyk|Headquarters: NJ, USA


Management:CEO-Ginni Rometty|Headquarters: Armonk, NY


Management:CEO-Serge Renouard|Headquarters: France


Management:CEO-Nico Steyn |Headquarters: Pretoria, South Africa.


Management:CEO- Matthew J. Desch|Headquarters: VA,USA


Management:CEO- Charlie Key|HeadquartersCincinnati, OH


Management:CEO-  Neil Weicher|HeadquartersStamford, CT

Octopus Systems

Management:CEO-TalBar Or  |Headquarters: Israel


Management:CEO- Safra A. Catz |Headquarters: Redwood City, CA

Ppx Tec

Management:CEO- Debra Griffin |Headquarters: Sheung Wan


Management:CEO-  James Heppelmann|HeadquartersNeedham, MA


Management:CEO- Nikolay Kurayev  |Headquarters: Dallas, TX

Total Communicator Solutions

Management:CEO- Erik Bjontegard |Headquarters: San Diego, CA


Management: CEO-  Toby Ruckert|HeadquartersSingapore

White Code Labs

Management: CEO- Andy Chaudhuri |Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA


Management: CEO- Tyler Jewell  |Headquarters: Mountain View, CA