Thursday, February 22, 2024

IoT.nxt The Technology Agnostic

Innovation and fresh thinking was the foundation for the establishment of leading Internet of Things (IoT) technology provider, IoT.nxt, and has remained the cornerstone of the company’s rapid development and explosive growth.

“Companies are looking for ways to collect real-time data to implement real-time solutions to their real-time challenges,” says CEO Nico Steyn. “We realized this while working on a unique solution for a customer with a heterogenous mix of legacy and latest technology devices and systems that required bi-directional interoperability between them all. Once we delivered this solution, we realized there was an opportunity for a solution that delivers this with no rip and replace in the world of IoT. This project became the foundation of our new company and the driver for many innovations IoT.nxt is now known for,” Steyn says.

“Being technology agnostic was a particular focus for us. What does that mean? It essentially means that we don’t lock any customer into any specific technology. We’re using non-proprietary technologies to develop a system suited to the strategies of a particular customer,” Steyn says. “The thinking and the method in which we do things is a key differentiator for us. We hold some patents, and these really speak to our capabilities at the edge; a key differentiator regarding our technology stack.”

Another unique feature of its approach is the company’s approach to the technology itself. By being technology agnostic, IoT.nxt can provide a customized solution to any potential customer, no matter what that customer’s current IT infrastructure looks like or how it operates. This allows IoT.nxt to integrate its solutions into a customer’s  existing infrastructure, without having to tear it all down and start anew, what’s known as a “rip and replace” method. Which can be enormously cost prohibitive. The best part is IoT.nxt can do all this while still offering rapid deployment, meaning its customers aren’t waiting for months to integrate the new solution.

“Some of our the methodologies or approaches that we’ve adopted, other than being technology agnostic, is also being able to retrofit into existing environments. We do this in a usable, scalable, affordable fashion,” Steyn says. “The other core component of our thinking is to simplify deployment. Complexity at deployment is considered to be one of the biggest inhibitors of IoT adoption. Our processes, systems and technology are easy to deploy and also simplifies training.”

IoT.nxt isn’t focused on the technology itself, but rather the business strategy of its customers. They first strive to understand what a customer wants to achieve and then devise a solution that helps them unlock business value. Value specific to the particular customer, not a general solution for a particular industry sector. This allows the IoT.nxt team to develop customizable solutions with the customer’s mindset in mind, instead of trying to take an off-the-shelf solution and apply it to all customers across the board. “It’s the opposite thinking of most IoT companies who often try to fit a round peg into a square hole,” Steyn says.