Thursday, March 23, 2023

Veritis Group: Digital Transformation

With the rise of the app economy and rapid innovation in data and voice delivery, telecom companies are compelled to increase operational efficiency and productivity through rapid innovation. Veritis has provided billing, customer interaction, customer analytics, field operations optimization, asset management, and UX/UI design and development of online and mobile portals, among other services, to its telecom clients. Veritis is a multinational supplier of IT consulting services situated in Texas, United States. Veritis put a premium on providing integrated, dependable, responsive, and cost-effective solutions to the clients. Veritis has worked with various small, medium, and big enterprises, including Fortune 500 corporations, to help them address crucial business difficulties.

Veritis is a multinational corporation with a diverse culture. Their fast-paced, team-oriented workplace is inventive. At Veritis, they value, empower, acknowledge, and reward people for their outstanding performance. Veritis invest in their workers by giving them plenty of opportunities to learn about new technologies and get new skills and expertise in their fields. They are a rapidly expanding team of highly qualified, enthusiastic IT experts who excel at service delivery, allowing quicker innovation and increased productivity. Veritis services are flexible, scalable, resilient, and quick to respond. To integrate services with the business goals and employ a very collaborative approach. Cloud, Containerization, DevOps, Digital Transformation, Identity and Access Management, IT Infrastructure, Managed Services, Technological Advisory, and Virtualization Services are just a few of the technology services offered by Veritis.

Veritis has extensive experience and skill in delivering solutions for complicated IT installation projects and integrating new technologies in a fast-paced environment. They have become a seamless extension of the clients owing to their cutting-edge services. Virtualization by Veritis utilizes software rather than hardware to create a virtual version of a server or computer system. It allows many operating systems to operate at the same time on a single computer. Virtualization attempts to centralize administrative chores while also lowering hardware costs and increasing scalability and workloads. Virtualization is built on the partitioning principle, which divides a single physical server into numerous logical servers, each of which runs its operating system and applications.

To obtain a competitive edge in today’s fast-changing market, every IT organization seeks the correct IT decision-making, especially technology adoption and keeping up with changing trends. Most businesses believe that resolving the aforementioned factors will increase productivity by refocusing their innovation and company strategy efforts. Technological Advisory by Veritis is a client-driven approach to IT assistance that includes professional guidance supported by world-class knowledge and in step with current technology trends.

A Japanese IT and electronics service provider specializing in Big Data, Smart solutions, Cloud, and 5G technology recently approached Vertis about the License Management System project under the Microservices development umbrella. Veritis microservices specialists handled the client’s concerns about legacy application enhancements, which resulted in a long time to market as part of this project. The client’s pain points include agile project planning, detailed requirement analysis, deliverable reporting, code coverage, CI/CD setup, and containerization of.NET core apps. Agile implementation, sprint planning, code coverage, commit and merge check implementation, and static code analysis were all used by the Veritis team to solve these challenges.

Through social responsibility projects, Veritis is dedicated to delivering meaningful and lasting change to communities worldwide. Veritis contributes to society’s advancement, and it is because of this conviction that the Veritis Foundation was established. They actively engage in initiatives that contribute to societal transformation and long-term growth. Veritis also urge all of their workers to contribute in their little ways to various social responsibility projects.


Vic Peram, CEO

Veritis is a multinational supplier of IT consulting services situated in Texas, United States. Veritis put a premium on providing integrated, dependable, responsive, and cost-effective solutions to the clients