Trends That Will Dominate DevOps in 2019


DevOps has evolved massively in the recent past. Paving its way through the demanding software industry, it has managed to penetrate the crux of it. The biggest compliment that one could bestow it with is that DevOps is steadily turning into a philosophy, and if the tangible data dished out by experts is to considered, only more companies will be looking to base their actions on this philosophy. DevOps has seen plenty of changes that contributed towards his growth and the New Year is expected to bring a whole new set of trends that will continue to cultivate the notion of DevOps. So, let’s dig into those trends.

  1. A Potential Change in Focus from CI Pipelines to DevOps Assembly Lines

Pipelines tend to show a comprehensive visualization of your application source control to eventual production. It is served to the viewer on a single pane. However, times have changed and so have the market demands. Now the need to have CD (continuous delivery) in place is growing. DevOps assembly line boasts the capacity to accommodate this need; hence it could be the next stop for the organizations that are ready to invest their time and money to not get outpaced by time.

  1. Switch to Automation on the Cards

DevOps has a lot to do with automation. Zero-touch automation is being dubbed as the next big thing. However, in no way the innovation will necessitate the elimination of manual work. The plan is to keep the resources at your disposal. Automation is expected to receive its biggest boost till now in 2019.

  1. Versatility would become the Need of Hour

Testers who are well-versed with codes to explore various cases might have glowing year on the horizon. Diverse individual skill-set is what that will receive maximum value and testers with limited idea of things might fail to thrive.

  1. Collaborating with Microservices Architecture

Microservices function with an independent approach. As they don’t work with the assistance of internal connections, chances of damaging the system while there is a technical issue are quashed. Microservices allow the user that constant room of improvement. Companies are expected to turn to it for having efficient runtime and delivery.

  1. Big year for Kubernetes

Kubernetes has exhibited some real potential by climbing up the ranks to become a promising container technology. Kubernetes has laid the foundation of something really constructive, and it is expected to reap the reward for the efforts in the year 2019.