Friday, June 14, 2024

CloudOne: Dynamic Solutions For IoT Integration

John McDonald, CEO

With Internet of Things set to be the next big thing to rule the IT sector, various enterprise companies are struggling hard to play catch up with the new technology in a business space where Google, Amazon and Apple are trying to dominate all aspects of consumer space. Cloudone offers integration solutions to these companies in areas of cloud applications, production and analysis of software and products in a secure, private and hybrid cloud environments. Since a prescribed standard was not available to implement an IoT infrastructure, CloudOne devised a system to help enterprises minimize risks.

Cloudone offers various services to satiate different needs of different companies. IoT systems are divided into three main categories- sensors, gateways and cloud. The integration of all three categories is paramount for sustainable development and functioning of organizations. The Cloudone platform (Virtual Private Cloud) enables an organization’s development team to integrate all three in a virtual, secure and private cloud which is universally accessible. This helps developers to develop software and hardware in tandem to which ensures security and efficiency. To help them do this Cloudone offers Rational Test Virtualization Server, which includes Rational Functional Tester, Rational Performance Tester, Security AppScan and Test Data Management to provide Continuous Testing capability.

What makes Cloudone’s offerings unique is that it allows companies to integrate IoT systems to their existing software architecture than develop a new IoT platform. Cloudone ensures a smooth platform to platform transition from closed platforms to open IoT platforms to support multiple networks, devices and applications.

Cloudone’s another speciality is DevOps which helps a business to maximize the speed of delivery of a product or service, from the initial idea to the customer feedback by the assessment and identification of bottlenecks and loopholes .With DevOps Cloudone was able to help Pananasonic Automotive , which supplies infotainment systems to most of the world’s car manufacturers , to integrate their platform globally connecting over 1,600 developers in 4 continents to one single set of code used in all of their infotainment systems. CloudOne also operates the world’s largest software-based telemetry analytics solution for Cummins Engine, into which tens of thousands of data packets from engines all over the world are analysed live for trends and issues, with results fed back to development and to production factories for action.

Cloudone, when it was a start-up, first pioneered SaaS licencing when migrating IBM software to Virtual Private Cloud (which it invented for IBM software). It now offers clients dynamic mixing of software licenses customers already own with those they “rent” on demand, creating a best-fit model that eliminates “shelfware” and enables growth at the customers’ pace. There are also major budget implications for customers who can scale up or down as necessary because they only pay for the software they use.  Whether clients buy, rent or own the software, (it’s usually all of the above) CloudOne’s Managed Services team handles everything, keeping all software updated, available and operating fast. CloudOne integrates with existing help desks, applies patches, handles upgrades and troubleshooting, and operates as a one-stop-shop for all users.

When companies whose core business is processing, manufacturing or mining try to implement IoT without the ideation, developers, edge technology and cloud services that Cloudone offers, the quality of what the end consumer gets suffers. It is with expertise in these 4 areas that Cloudone has established itself as a world leading IoT convener.