Saturday, June 15, 2024

Telematics industry has walked a steep curve to reach the growth it is basking in today. This moment of glory came after countless alterations to the innate shape of telematics. It wasn’t easy. A transformation of this magnitude required courage and near level perfection. Nevertheless, the industry was lucky enough to have visionaries that just fit the bill to carry out this task. Today, Telematics is helping a wide range of sectors in renovating their structure, making it more fitting for the modern age. Sectors like insurance have witnessed complete resurgence under the effect of telematics solutions. In addition, the impact of telematics has gone pretty much beyond the business sphere. While remedying the financial and organizational composition of many industries to a vast degree, these solutions always had certain elements unequivocally focused on the betterment of end-consumers. For example, by helping their insurance partners in creating a system that encourages more accurate risk evaluation of the insured’s driving behaviour, the industry of telematics has made a massive contributions towards curbing road accidents and promoting safer driving. This is just one of the abundant pieces of evidence that telematics has well and truly taken the reigns to orchestrate a future gleaming with possibilities. Nevertheless, having set off on a journey to redefine itself and the world, the industry of telematics has brought a sense of onus on the people who are dedicating their lives to make this technology a symbol of revolution. Getting to the top was challenging, but staying there while continuing to explore an even better way of doing things was always going to spell the true test for telematics. However, as it turns out. The visionaries who brought telematics to the surface are not quite done yet. These organizations are still motivated to up the scale and unearth bountiful of potential which they believe is still hidden somewhere, untapped. The plans are already in place for the expansion of telematics’ reach. A brighter dawn is waiting behind the curtains, and these organizations are determined to make sure that telematics gets the best possible view of the golden sky!


Management:CEO- Kamyar Moinzadeh |Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States


Management:CEO-Michael Robb |Headquarters: Pickering, Canada


Management:CEO-Gorjan Agacevic|Headquarters: Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia

Assured Telematics

Management:President Frank Pellitta|Headquarters Milton, MA


Management:CEO-Piui Dumitru|Headquarters Bucharest, Romania


Management:CEO-Celia Stokes|Headquarters: Huddersfield, United Kingdom


Management:CEO-Neil Cawse|Headquarters: Oakville, Canada

Hydro Electronic Devices Inc

Management:CEO-Paul Ludwig |Headquarters: WI, USA

Key Telematics

Management:CEO- Clive Killops|Headquarters: Cape Town, South Africa

Mix Telematics

Management:CEO-  Stefan Joselowitz|Headquarters: Midrand, South Africa

Octo Telematics

Management:CEO-  Nicola Veratelli|Headquarters: Rome, Italy

Pro Trans

Management:CEO- Gary Cardenas |Headquarters: Indianapolis

Roost Home Telematcs

Management:CEO-  Roel Peeters|HeadquartersCalifornia USA


Management:CEO- Peter Buijsman |Headquarters: HIllegom, Netharlands

Teletrac Navman

Management:CEO- TJ Chung |Headquarters: California, USA

The Floow Limited

Management: CEO-  Aldo Monteforte |HeadquartersSheffield, United Kindom


Management: CEO- Harold Goddijn |Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands


Management: CEO- Frank Aldeman|Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

Verizon Connect

Management: CEO- Andrés Irlando |Headquarters: Georgia, United States