Geotab- You Dream, We Create


All great things were once small. The success Geotab has amassed is another evidence to back this saying up. Started off as a small business, Geotab climbed up the business ladder rather swiftly and now stands as one of the global leaders in IoT and connected transportation. The company’s rise in the telematics arena has been nothing short of incredible. Nurtured by ground-breaking ideas, Geotab has swelled up to become a true giant in the industry. Founded in 2000 in Oakville, Canada, Geotab rolled out their services with a firm purpose of connecting commercial vehicles in a secure and effective way. They supported this by also providing web-based analytics to assist their clientele in performing improved management of their fleets. Staying true to the core identity of today’s business sphere, Geotab thrives on versatility. Their open platform and marketplace is designed to offer a colossal number of third-party solutions. These solutions are varied in nature; hence there is always something for organisations of different kind and size.

Geotab understands how helpful integrating vehicle data into your assets can get, nevertheless, it’s important that that the solution is simplified and easy to incorporate. As an organisation with a vision, Geotab puts utmost importance in these small but essential factors. They ensure that when the solution is delivered to a customer, it’s in the best possible shape. No one likes a solution that demands additional economic or time investment to adapt to a new system, and Geotab gets the modern environment well enough to know that. In order to put itself a notch above the others, the company adds more stature to their set-up by offering additional functionality through IOX add-ons. Working on an enormous scale, Geotab’s systems process billion of data points within a single day. Data analytics and machine learning are the components which their system leverages to attain maximum level of productivity. The peripheral focus also remains on optimizing the fleet’s performance by reduction in fuel consumption, an improved driver safety level, and great amount of system flexibility to warrant quick compliance with any regulatory amendments.

‘One of our core values at Geotab is to innovate and continuously seek ways to improve,’ remarked Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab.

When talking about integrating third-party solutions, one of the major concerns of the customers is the security level assured by the supplier. To counter this, Geotab’s plans are always in motion to review, improve, and validate the existing security mechanisms, so that any intrusion attempt can be weathered without the sacrifice of important data. The company is not leaving any stone unturned when the talk is about security. They are collaborating with stakeholders to create a better defensive force for potential security breaches. Their efforts, so far, have been acknowledged after Geotab became the only telematics organization to manage FIPS 140-2 validation for its device.      

Geotab currently has its operation running in 119 countries. With over 19 patented solutions, Geotab has all what it needs to create a virtual corridor which is extensively dedicated towards tabling telematics solutions of the widest range. The company’s stash of authorized Geotab resellers currently boasts a tally of over 350, and further growth is projected in the near future. In its history spanning across two decades, the company has secured several awards. In 2018, Geotab was bestowed with Best Practices Award by Frost & Sullivan. One year later, Deloitte named the company in its esteemed list of Fast 50 organizations in the technology sector. In the same year Geotab was named as one of the Canada’s Top Growing Companies as well.



CEO- Neil Cawse

Connecting telematics to businesses and making roads safer for everyone.