Amodo- An Age of You

It’s fair to say that technology has transcended the realms of field. Constant progression in the way things are done has become fundamental for every kind of business out there. The field of insurance and telematics sees a similar situation. There has been a huge shake-up in the insurance sector, and as a result of it, the face of the industry looks a lot different now. Regardless of the different measures being taken by different organizations, the ultimate goal remains customer-centric policies. The insurance companies understand this; hence personalization of the services & products is now viewed as the most crucial element to survive and thrive through this change.

Now, that’s the basic requisition in today’s age, but organizations like Amodo have looked at it with different perspective. They saw this wave of change as an opportunity to climb up the business ladder. They made their bid for the top by walking an extra yard and putting out a blend of technologies like AI and data analytics enriched with big data and genuine expertise. This entire process made possible by insurance telematics, totally transformed the way insurance companies functioned, and certainly for the better. There are few organizations which understand the depths of personalization like Amodo does. The company excels in creating tailored marketing solutions for insurance companies, digital brokers, and other industries. These solutions are crafted on the basis of targeted customers’ behavioural data.  High value on solutions along with a great amount of experience makes Amodo just what you need in modern marketing sphere. From the beginning, Amodo has operated along the lines of collecting and analyzing user behavioural data, creating a podium for other companies to better understand the consumer of this age. The collected data plays a vital role for companies to distribute their clientele into different segments and appeal to them in a way which resonates with the needs of their customers. The variety offered by Amodo in its features extends to its customers who then can form their own diverse range of products in a far better way once they educate themselves about their consumer base.

‘Our platform directs insurance entities to place personalized products to the right segment of customers just in time,’ describes Marijan Mumzdiev, CEO of Amodo.

Amodo, as an organization, not only brings the setup to unite customer engagement and behavioural analytics to the table, but it also gives an option to handle the proceedings on your behalf. A few years ago, carrying out ad campaigns through SMS, e-mails, or on popular applications would have sounded ridiculous; however, companies like Amodo were well aware that the future of marketing rests in these very communication channels. That’s what great organizations are about. They have a firm vision, and they back it with all their might. Amodo did that exactly and prepared itself for this change much before anyone even considered the possibility of it.

While Amodo took the telematics scene by storm with numerous features on the platter, it was helping financial institutions in pre-programmed engagement and using sales feature to their advantage that actually pulled Amodo up to its true potential. The company’s in-built gamification feature was designed to study consumer’s buying pattern and offer discounts to them accordingly which eventually dropped a huge boost on the revenue pile. In this tussle of market competition, Amodo, unlike most of the companies from its niche, actually works towards improving the growth plans of an organization, taking them a notch up on the scale. They are interested in shaking things up, so that their clients are ready for another change when it comes.    



CEO- Marijan Mumdziev

Amodo gather behavioral data to help insurers place right products to right users at the right time.