Sanovas: Precision Medical Innovations

Larry Gerrans, CEO & President

Cutting edge innovations in medical technology are necessary to help make invasive surgical procedures accessible and affordable to the masses. Appropriate and early treatment saves lives and also decreases health care costs. The ability to look inside the body without invasive surgery and then diagnose and implement treatment is essential to achieving this. This necessity has defined innovations in the market for the last decade.

Sanovas’ bleeding edge innovations have enabled hospitals and physicians to achieve the above mentioned necessity. Sanovas specializes in access, imaging and measurement technologies that empower doctors to undertake advanced, multi-instrument and multi-modal diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in previously inaccessible parts of the human body. These medical procedures will help millions of people embattle lung cancer and other serious diseases through affordable localized, interventional treatments. They have helped reduce the necessity of open surgeries and traditional cancer treatments that induce toxicity and side effects in patients. Statistics and surveys have predicted that millions across the globe will be able to receive diagnostic and therapeutic interventions at a reasonable cost because of the affordability and portability of Sanovas’ innovations in micro-medical technologies.

An example of Sanovas’ next generation innovations in minimally invasive surgical tools and cancer treatment technologies is their MicroCam™ Imaging Technology. Traditional endoscopy systems are mounted on a cart and take up a lot of space and are also very expensive. Sanovas’ handheld ‘Plug-N-Play’ surgical cameras are 10% the size of traditional endoscopy systems and cost only 20% as much.

Their focused perseverance to develop ultra-small diameter smart technologies that can deliver drugs and immune therapies to the periphery of the lung’s bronchioles to treat lung cancer. This development process shaped Sanovas as it had to overcome the many procedural risks and technological limitations required to navigate the small airways of the lungs. This has resulted in it developing a diverse range of devices and also filing over 100 patents. These micro devices have helped advance non-invasive intervention for other body organs. Sanovas’ has incepted multiple subsidiary companies to explore the clinical needs and business opportunities in other surgical sectors.

The Sanovas platform features highly sophisticated 3D imaging and physiologic intelligence systems that operate within new sensory-guided interventional technologies to provide the local delivery of drug and immune therapies to significantly improve cancer treatment. The company’s success in advancing miniaturization has led to the development of entirely new classes of Interventional Catheters, Surgical Cameras, Physiologic Measurement and Bio-Feedback Systems, In Vivo Diagnostics and In Vivo Drug Delivery Systems. These tools were developed to overcome the procedural risks and technological challenges of the pulmonary anatomy. Now, these innovations in technologies have given rise to more than ten subsidiary companies. One, of which, promises to develop the next generation of surgical robots.

Its Sanovas’s unique strategy and philosophy that has led to its tremendous success. As a business, Sanovas’ strategy is to innovate comprehensive surgical solutions that advance intervention beyond current limits and vertically integrate the selling channel. The company does this by creating integrated sets of tools that make up the entirety of the ‘Tool Belt’ required to perform the intervention in a target anatomy. This strategy follows a technology development tactic known as A.I.M., which is an acronym that stands for Access, Image, and Measure. Sanovas’ focus is to help doctors ‘take AIM’ and treat patients in the least invasive manner possible. Most importantly, the company takes a global perspective in its development and commercialization strategies and works to serve the greater good by creating solutions that are affordable and portable.  It is an innovative approach to building a global company.