Saturday, June 22, 2024

GoodData: Making Monetizing Data Easy

Analyzing data has proved to have the potential to create new revenue streams and make a business more efficient. Corporations that provide the best tools to analyze and distribute data are a rising business sector. This is where GoodData excels. The company specializes in enabling corporations to collect, analyze and collaborate on data to drive efficiency, new revenue streams and also profits. They assist organizations in combining the data from structured data warehouses, unstructured data from big data investments, and also social & behavioral cloud data to create tailor made products and services for their customers, partners, and suppliers.

The GoodData platform offers a flexibility that can adapt to the constant changes that effect new and old data sources which is critical in big data analytics. The GoodData platform offers a plethora of options that is immensely useful to customers in driving their business forward. The platform’s scalability can be used to process immense amounts of advertising network activity data generated by programmatic marketing networks. The platform also offers organized sales pipeline analytics which requires data snapshotting and retaining interval –based data cohorts over time. It also manages transition of unstructured data into unstructured data for loyalty programs.

GoodData constantly updates and maintains the platform to support the customer’s needs. It’s not a  ‘one solution- fits all’ platform. It ensures that all issues regarding the platform is addressed in the beginning. The customer often faces issues such as limited understanding on how to integrate and logically collate discrete big data sets , limited information on the potential to monetize and commercialize big data analytics, scalability of the platform to handle collation of small and big data, inability to forecast cost-benefit ratio and hence reluctance in investing in big data infrastructure etc.

Because of its flexible qualities GoodData has amassed a boutique of clientele who are impressed by its services. Medigain, a company providing IT solutions and professional services to medical practices, clinics, hospitals and other pecialty providers to help them navigate an increasingly complex reimbursement environment uses GoodData to evaluate their business strategies. Discovery Communications, the world’s number 1 pay-TV programmer reaching nearly three billion cumulative subscribers in more than 220 countries and territories has partnered with GoodData to report on digital analytics and to deliver better insights across platforms and channels. Using the platform HP creates its business intelligence analytics that is continuously updated and which is collated from many different sources using customised filters. This enables HP to visualize their sales funnel in real time , provide their marketing teams instant insights as well as improve user experience for their customers. This is accelerating sales for HP at an unprecedented level.

GoodData plans to invest heavily in backend knowledge and data pipeline technologies that will help it analyse data problems and implement better cloud services. Ensuring that customers can unlock the true value of their data is GoodData’s top priority. It works constantly to ensure the elimination of chaos that germinates when managing analytical technology and also to improve the quality of everyday data management processes. GoodData plans to dominate the knowledge management market by constantly improving its dynamic, intuitive and interactive knowledge management platform.