Saturday, June 22, 2024

FusioneX International: Plug and Play Humanization

Ivan Teh, CEO & MD

If a company is into Analytics, Big Data, Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning one would probably think it was Google, Microsoft or IBM. But due to the immense amount of data generated world over hundreds of companies are coming up with innovative and unique solutions to tackle the problems faced in these areas. But only few remember to make the solutions easy to apply anywhere. FusioneX focuses on delivering software that is intuitive, secure, easy and universally accessible. It focuses on “humanizing technology” at a global level. It works with many fortune 500 companies, governments, municipal corporations etc  on handling data from multiple sources.

FusioneX does this through multiple products that can handle a wide spectrum of data analysis tasks. Its flagship product is called FusioneX GIANT which caters to a wide spectrum of organizations. The software provides advanced and self-service tools that can be applied in data sciences and be used for business analytics. It visualizes and analyzes data and has the malleability to tailor the analysis from different focal points to suite business requirements. It has a ‘plug and play’ system which integrates multiple data points without different software for each source point. Its universal access makes it easy to handle from across the globe by every user. Insights are displayed on template dashboards or can be customized using a self-service wizard. These insights are provided in different formats – visualized key performance indicators for business and management executives and detailed analytics for data scientists.

Chipmaker Intel deployed FusioneX GIANT to analyse the vast amounts of data generated by its manufacturing plants and apply predictive analytics to predict when their manufacturing equipment is likely to malfunction. By using the predictive analytics feature of FusioneX GIANT, Intel is now able to take corrective maintenance actions well before in order to cut down the downtime of the manufacturing line. This in turn results in the saving of millions of dollars’ worth of costs, time and resources.

FusioneX is tackling Big Data problems at a bleeding edge level. It has started use its software to provide solutions for smart cities. Smart cities are a hub of  four interconnected networks—Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of People (IoP), Internet of Services (IoS), Internet of Data (IoD), which generates a mind-boggling amount of data in these cities. By evaluating the large quantities of data in these networks, city governors can use predictive analytics to promptly adjust city resources and infrastructure to meet the needs of citizens and businesses. As a pioneer of smart city solutions with expertise in the IoT, advanced (predictive and prescriptive)/ big data analytics, data science, and big data, Fusionex works on smart city systems across the globe. Fusionex uses BDA as the fundamental building block to provide smart cities solutions, utilizing data from multiple sources for in-depth research with an efficient and user-friendly approach.

FusioneX has a track record of zero failure in all its software deployments. It has never abandoned its initiatives and is on the way to become a world leader in big data analytics and smart city solutions.