DriveNets: The future of networking

DriveNets is a rapidly expanding software firm that creates networks that resemble clouds. It provides a radical new approach for communications service providers and cloud providers to build networks, decoupling network expansion from network cost and enhancing network profitability. DriveNets Network Cloud is the only platform that offers total virtualization of network and computing resources, allowing communication service providers and cloud providers to fulfill expanding service needs far more effectively than traditional monolithic routers. DriveNets’ software operates on standard white-box hardware and can be readily scaled by inserting more white boxes into network clusters. This one-of-a-kind disaggregated network concept allows the physical infrastructure to function as a shared resource for numerous networks and services. This network architecture also enables quicker service innovation at the network edge, since it can accommodate numerous service payloads, including latency-sensitive ones, across a single physical network edge.

DriveNets Network Cloud offers software-based networking solutions for any network use case – from the core and peering to Edge and Access, based on microservices and containers. All can run on a shared cluster of networking white boxes. DriveNets Network Cloud enables service and cloud providers to develop cloud-like networks and reap the cost, flexibility, and innovation benefits of this new architecture, which is based on an ecosystem that supports the concept of disaggregated core and edge networks. DriveNets’ technology is in sync with the major industry communities, aiming to improve network infrastructure by providing integrated routing and third-party service instances from the core to the edge.

DriveNets Clouds alters the way networks are designed. All network situations are served by a single architecture. This design enables cloud and network operators to grow their core network without the limits and limitations of previous, monolithic systems. Core networks are where scaling and efficiency matter the most. The ever-increasing traffic flow through the core network, driven by the surge in personalized content and the increased performance of access networks, poses a challenge to modern core networks. DriveNets Network Cloud addresses these challenges by changing the network paradigm and building networks like the cloud – scalable, elastic, cost-efficient, and simple to manage. Based on a distributed, disaggregated chassis architecture, the Network Cloud solutions allow cloud and network operators to evolve their core networks without the limitations and constraints of past, monolithic architectures. DriveNets Network Cloud is a cloud-native software solution that transforms the physical network into a shared resource that efficiently supports many network services. It supports a hardware abstraction layer and the distributed DriveNets Networking Operating System (DNOS) as an open networking platform, virtualizing the network’s physical resources. The DriveNets Network Orchestrator (DNOR) simplifies network lifecycle management by enabling zero-touch provisioning (ZTP), improved visibility, and superior analytics. DriveNets Network Cloud allows network and cloud operators to build their networks like clouds – delivering the cost, flexibility, and innovation benefits of this powerful new architecture. It takes inspiration from the cloud-native, virtualized approach of hyperscale clouds and adapts it to high-scale networks.

DriveNets is a leader in cloud-native networking software and network disaggregation solutions. Founded at the end of 2015 and based in Israel, DriveNets transforms the way service and cloud providers build networks. DriveNets’ solution – Network Cloud – adapts the architectural and economic models of the cloud to telco-grade networking. “DriveNets continues to innovate and execute its vision to change the future of the networking market.” said Ido Susan, DriveNets co-founder, and CEO.


Ido Susan, Co-Founder & CEO


“DriveNets continues to innovate and execute its vision to change the future of the networking market.”