Ennetix: Delivering Predictive and Progressive Performance

As IT applications started migrating from on-prem servers to the cloud a few years back, it became even more important to determine and pinpoint the root cause of IT problems.  Quite often, an IT performance problem would be due to a security problem, e.g., some DNS servers might have been DDoS-ed, leading to some groups of users being unable to access an application. There exist a lot of tools out there that address a slice of the IT problem, e.g., network performance, application performance, etc.  Ennetix is the only company that provides a holistic view of the IT performance and security landscape. With a vision to “Deliver predictive and progressive performance in digital operations,” Ennetix takes a holistic approach to deliver high-impact solutions at an affordable cost.

xVisor from Ennetix is the artificial intelligence (AI) powered next-generation IT Operations Management (ITOM) solution to achieve end-to-end Deterministic outcomes from Digital Operations for enterprise performance management teams. xVisor offers a comprehensive and complete view, combining both the “inside-out and outside-in” perspectives. Leveraging a huge amount of data drawn from multiple sources, the Ennetix Observability platform drills down to individual user and application levels to diagnose anomalies in real-time and provides predictive automated remediation.

When there is an issue within the network path to the application servers and other network function servers which may be in the cloud, the Ennetix solution can pinpoint exactly where is the problem using its active measurements technology.  The endpoints may be dynamic and distributed, but as they change, Ennetix automatically detects them and creates a Google-map view of the paths to these endpoints, showing how different network hops on these network paths are performing. “When a client is accessing an application, there are other network functions that come into play, and we refer to these as dependencies.  Ennetix is the only solution out there that provides this application-network dependency mapping. Through the above application dependency mapping and network path mapping, the Ennetix solution shows where performance issues are occurring, and provides troubleshooting information for faster and seamless problem remediation,” explains Prof. Dr. Bis Mukherjee, Founder & CEO, Ennetix.

An instance that highlights the company’s value proposition is when Ennetix’s holistic observability solution enabled one of its client enterprises’ IT staff to quickly pinpoint where was the problem when many of its users were having problems accessing a mission-critical application.  First, when trouble tickets were generated by the users, the applications support teams were commissioned but could not find where the problem was.  Then, it was the network operations team, who could not find the problem either. By using the Ennetix solution, which provides a holistic view, they figured out that the problem was neither in the application servers nor on the network paths. The problem was in some DNS servers which were hacked and overloaded so that the groups of users relying on these DNS servers were unable to access the application.

Ennetix was founded by a group of renowned researchers and innovators in computer science and computer networking from the University of California, Davis. Over the years, the xVisor platform has evolved with the help of several Ph.D.-level network engineering professionals with deep knowledge of AI/ML technologies and observability and monitoring domains. Today, the company’s near-term objective is to boost its footprint in the enterprise IT space.  “In this regard, we are also exploring forming key alliances. We are also developing a lightweight version of our solution which will be suitable for deployment in end-user devices, especially due to the increasing Work-From-Home culture,” concludes Mukherjee.


Prof. Dr. Bis Mukherjee, Founder & CEO


The Ennetix solution shows where performance issues are occurring, and provides troubleshooting information for faster and seamless problem remediation