Saturday, June 3, 2023

Doppler: Universal Secret Platform

The number of challenges existing in the DevOps space is numerous and one among the most serious one is security. Though DevSecOps is still in the picture, the right product not only increases security but can also empower teams to be more productive. This is what Doppler—developer-first secrets platform is all about. Doppler is used by businesses of all kinds, from startups to corporations, to keep their secrets and app configuration in sync across devices, environments, and team members. Independent third-party businesses do security design evaluations, threat modeling, and frequent penetration testing on Doppler projects. Of continual assessment, Doppler also actively interacts with the security community through our vulnerability disclosure program. Doppler uses a process called tokenization to safeguard the data at rest, ensuring that the systems only save references to the secrets.


Doppler manages various infrastructures at the same time. Doppler will send traffic to a standby cluster at the DNS layer in the case of an outage, assuring continuous availability.

Doppler checks traffic patterns for abnormalities and spikes at the DNS layer to ensure that you can always retrieve secrets. Brian Vallelunga, CEO of Doppler, says, “I believe every developer deserves amazing collaboration tools for managing secrets. Using a secret manager shouldn’t come at the cost of a brain aneurysm. I think a platform designed for developers of all backgrounds can bring moments of joy to your day, promote healthy security hygiene, and boost your overall developer productivity. Doppler was built from the ground up because the Universal Secrets Platform (USP) I needed simply didn’t exist.”


Companies accomplish compliance by making Doppler the core source of truth for their workforce. From a firm’s servers and repositories to the engineers’ laptops, having central storage avoids fragmented secrets. The Doppler CLI stores fallback files on the disc so the company can keep using the secrets even if the system is not connected to the internet. These files are always encrypted and saved in a Doppler User Auth Tokens-managed subdirectory. When you use our CLI to authenticate, Doppler will generate a new token specific to the person and the device they are using and can revoke the machine’s access if it is ever lost or hacked. Service tokens make it secure and straightforward to use the secrets in staging and production and are associated with a service and provide read-only access to a collection of secrets. Doppler can utilize the secrets manager product from AWS, GCP, and Azure as a backend to store secrets in the cloud environment. Doppler verifies if the password has been exposed in a data breach at each registration and login.

Doppler has recently become a massive help for businesses because it combines several features, such as robust role-based access control for who can see and modify what secrets.  There is a fantastic command line and a web interface for managing secrets, an audit trail for any interactions with secrets, a built-in network for updating and distributing secrets, and all of the backend encryption and security controls for keeping secrets safe. Vallelunga concludes, “My hope is that you as a developer walk away from this long-winded article looking to add a Universal Secrets Platform to your toolbox. It’s a completely different way of thinking about managing secrets, but just like when GitHub first pioneered the notion of a ‘pull request,’ once you see the benefits, there’s no turning back. Together let’s make the internet a more secure place for the projects we work on and the users they serve.”


Brian Vallelunga, CEO

Doppler has recently become a massive help for businesses because it combines several features, such as robust role-based access control for who can see and modify what secrets.