Aqua Security: Cloud-Native Security with Ease

The scale and velocity of cloud native applications means an endless stream of code, potential risks, and security events. Moreover, the need for enabling security has become one of the most important challenge that businesses have to face while in the cloud space and over the migration.

Aqua minimizes the attack surface of cloud-native apps while also identifying vulnerabilities, embedded secrets, and other security concerns throughout the development stage. A better understanding of the vulnerability posture and prioritize remedial and mitigation efforts is possible through Aqua Security, based on the level of risk. Aqua Security drives security innovation in the cloud-native ecosystem with a dedicated open-source engineering team that actively contributes to the community and freely shares their expertise and talents. This keeps the industry moving forward and their corporate customers on the cutting edge.


Aqua Security was founded in 2015, as containers and serverless technologies were just emerging, recognizing that the dramatic change in application development and architecture requires an equally dramatic shift in security.Aqua Security is the world’s largest cloud native security provider, allowing businesses to innovate and accelerate their digital transitions. To protect the build, secure cloud infrastructure, and secure operating workloads wherever they are deployed, the Aqua Platform enables prevention, detection, and response automation across the complete application lifecycle. Aqua clients include some of the world’s leading financial services, software, media, manufacturing, and retail, with installations covering containers, serverless operations, and cloud VMs across a broad spectrum of cloud providers and current technology stacks.


Recently, Aqua Security has been awarded a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Innovation Insight for Cloud-Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP) study. “Gartner recommendations directly align with Aqua’s vision,” says Dror Davidoff, CEO, and Co-founder of Aqua Security. Aqua will continue to innovate while ensuring that our integrated platform empowers customers to accelerate their cloud-native adoption without sacrificing security.”Aqua frees a company and apps by using the power of cloud-native security. Up and down the stack, Aqua secures applications from development to production across VMs, containers, and serverless workloads. With security automation, companies can release and upgrade software at a DevOps pace. Aqua allows safe artifacts to go through the CI/CD pipeline by detecting vulnerabilities and malware early and fixing them quickly and deploys cloud native apps on any infrastructure while assuring secure configuration and compliance of cloud services, orchestration, and hosts.


Neat is a fintech startup based in Hong Kong that offers international entrepreneurs safe payment options. The Neat team started their quest for a security solution by looking into Aqua and a few other well-known rivals. Each business appeared to have the tools and services Neat required, but it soon became evident that Aqua Security was the only one that could meet all of its requirements. Aqua offers a solution for securing applications of any size, from development to deployment. Most crucially, the Aqua platform could safeguard Neat’s whole stack across VMs and containers, ensuring compliance with PCI DSS. The entire installation took around one month with Aqua’s local reseller Systex Information (HK) Ltd. Aqua support and Systex worked together to fix any open issues, which Neat appreciated promptly.Consequently, the Neat team utilized Aqua in their CI/CD to secure container and VM development and production environments. It is now being used to serve three entire development teams and six different apps. Neat uses Aqua’s vulnerability scanning to discover flaws in its pictures, decrease its attack surface, and locate embedded secrets during the development cycle. Neat also like Aqua’s runtime policy functionality since it ensures that its apps are deployment-ready without delaying delivery by adopting a policy-driven approach and granular controls. Aqua’s solution also provides the immutability of Neat’s apps in runtime, enables zero-trust networking, and detects and prevents suspicious actions, such as zero-day assaults. Aqua is working to harness the potential of native cloud security and envisions a secure future for businesses.

Aqua Security

Dror Davidoff, Co-founder & CEO

Aqua Security drives security innovation in the cloud-native ecosystem with a dedicated open-source engineering team that actively contributes to the community and freely shares their expertise and talents.