L&T: Building with Belief

As a growth oriented generation, we are always transitioning to a better future. Things that we never envisioned three decades ago are happening now and keeping the ambitious trend alive, we are still making a collective effort towards something grander. Leading this charge on the construction front are Larsen & Toubro, widely known as L&T. Founded in the early half of 20th century, L&T is an Indian construction, manufacturing, and financial services corporation. Very few people are aware that L&T derived its foundations from a different company altogether. Henning Holck-Larsen and Soren Kristian Toubro, two Danish engineers taking refuge in India, who went on to become co-founders of L&T, initially decided to treat their venture as a representative of Danish dairy and allied equipment manufacturers. Nevertheless, there is always an opportunity lurking even in the darkest of times. The blockade of trade lines during the Second World War encouraged the Danish duo to undertake jobs like repairing and degaussing of war ships, and that’s how L&T, as we know it, was born!

Since their inception, L&T has gradually expanded their boundaries and now have a firm foot in a wide assortment of spheres. One of their areas of specialization is construction. L&T construction is regarded as India’s largest construction company, and on the international front the company is considered to be in the esteemed echelon of top 30 construction companies. While most of the companies we know of this scale share a belief that quality leads to success, L&T’s philosophy isn’t restricted to that. Their vision also encompasses levelling up the ceiling by revolutionizing the way things are done. Over the last seven decades the company has formed a stronghold in every aspect of the construction game. No matter what’s the call, civil, mechanical or electrical etc, L&T always delivers with sheer brilliance. As if that’s not enough, the company has upped the ante to such an extent that they are now trusted with the construction or renovation of national property as well. The accreditation of L&T has been built purely on merit and their extensive portfolio speaks for itself. Up until now they have delivered over 400 high rise towers, 585 substations, over 20600 km of transmission lines, over 40,000 km of water & waste water networks. That’s just a tip of the iceberg. The company’s successful dealings in the creation of renewable energy plants and water & effluent treatment lines have added a whole new dimension to the company’s structure, something that puts them in a venerated group across the globe.

Apart from taking construction projects, L&T also deals in construction equipments. With their deep knowledge of the on-site requirements, the company ensures the quality levels of their products are well up to the mark. L&T product package includes things like road machinery, hydraulic excavator, motor graders and a whole other range of trusted products.

Hard-work is pivotal for success everywhere, but it’s always an honour when that hard-work is acknowledged and applauded by the world. In 2013, L&T received Golden Peacock National Quality Award at the 23rd World Congress on Leadership & Quality of Governance. The laurels don’t end here. One year prior to that, in 2012, L&T was named as 9th most innovative in the world by Forbes. The company also picked a feature in Forbes Asia’s annual ‘Fabulous 50’ list in 2010, their fifth successive feature. Most recently they was deemed as ‘Company of the Year’ for 2020 by Business Standard.

After cementing their place in the corporate world, the company plans to widen their horizon even further. They plan to do so by using their principles as the building blocks, and also by bearing their social and environmental responsibilities in mind.



Deputy CEO- Amit Chadha

L&T was one of the first few organizations to introduce the technological point of view to the traditional construction process.