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Strukshur: A Gateway from Ideation to Implementation

When it comes to building a dream home, only a handful of general contractors can envision the intrinsic details to make or break the project. In late 2015, Louis Vierra and Maria Vierra were one such ‘multi-million dollar a year’ married couple and general contractors. The duo’s  construction company, Vierra Fine Homes, flipped more than 50 homes and completed over 100 home build projects within a decade – all in the midst of an ongoing technology storm. Having to juggle between online interactions and its related paperwork, imagine how the Vierra couple and their small team managed the countless interactions with fellow contractors, designers, and homeowners. That’s when Louis realized the need for a system with features that could streamline the complex processes that go behind a construction project. After thousands of builders’ surveys, countless hours of research around the pain points of the existing system, and 500,000 lines of code later, Strukshur was born – the most advanced, easily operated project management and e-commerce system ever built.

A Paradigm Shift in the Making

On the contrary to the well-known fact that technology-powered innovations have single-handedly redefined the way businesses run; the construction industry was missing out on a decade’s worth of automation and streamlining. In addition, the involvement of multiple parties such as homeowners, contractors, and designers and their personal choices of technology left the landscape clouded and starved of an innovation dedicated specially for the construction market. Having to deal with multitudes of services such as Pinterest and Dropbox, the Vierra couple often found homeowners in search of a unified platform for managing their build projects. Specifically, the clients needed seamless and real-time access to their project’s progress and changes from anywhere in the world. Being an industry veteran with over a decade of first-hand experience, Vierra found himself in the position to exploit this reality.

The early discussions of Strukshur first took place between the duo on a family retreat after Vierra had a simple, yet disruptive, idea of automating as many of his daily tasks as possible. Given their keen eye for quality and design, Strukshur’s development was to ensure to address every construction need related to designing, planning, and coordinating the entire project. Founded in 2016 by the duo, “Strukshur offers a centralized place to manage construction projects, teams, tasks, finishes and architectural design flow between the client/homeowner and the builder or architect before drawings are started,” explains Louis Vierra, CEO and co-founder of Strukshur.

The platform’s design flow management and inspiration management features enable builders to visualize the final project envisioned by the designers and homeowners. In addition, this revolutionary capability of Strukshur helps every stakeholder of the project to create a buildable action plan by articulating thousands of ideas. In an effort to revamp this process of building dream homes, “Strukshur serves as the go-to platform, for both homeowners and professional developers, to collate and organize thousands of decisions for actualizing Pinterest worthy ideas,” adds Maria.

Unleashing Tech Prowess

It’s no secret that a typical creative process behind designing and building a home involves a large stockpile of pictures, drawings, and related files. Aware of this fact, Vierra wanted to eliminate the painstaking process of managing these information simultaneously across emails, messaging services, social media, and Dropbox-type services. In order to achieve this for its users, the Strukshur platform enables stakeholders to upload large files including plan sets and 3D models. Being the one-stop-shop for all construction-related needs, Strukshur also delivers the ability to find amazing deals and shop from curated home building centric vendors such as, which can then be imported and organized directly into a project. Expected to roll out in early 2021, “this feature is now being built into a 3D experience where designers will be able to preview any product directly into the project’s 3D models,” adds Maria, Strukshur co-founder.

Catering to businesses and budgets of all sizes, Strukshur’s pricing options allows the new as well as established builders and designers to enjoy the most expensive project management features – paramount for success in today’s market conditions. Vierra’s innovation streak has resulted in several design patents related to the user’s journey throughout the design/building process and around the 3D experience. Going into the specifics, Vierra shared, “Strukshur is built on the strongest graph database platforms (similar to Pinterest) and fuses advanced hardware engineering and AWS for extreme stability and security.” Through its groundbreaking platform, the company serves as a bridge to help seasoned builders stay afloat the technological storm. Moreover, it helps construction projects attain automation through their hardware and software plug-in solutions, which was unheard of five years ago.

One of the most loved features offered by Strukshur, and unheard of in the construction industry, is the ability to add members to existing projects. This feature allows the Strukshur’s users to add friends and family as team members, which enables them to receive automatic updates on the progress of the construction project via pictures and videos. Taking such collaborations to the next level, the company is working towards developing and including social media aspects onto their service offering.

Moreover, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has strengthened Strukshur’s position as the ultimate platform to work and manage teams and projects remotely, yet efficiently. “We noticed continuous growth over the last few months and things seem to be picking up even more,” says Maria. Strengthening this winning streak of 2020, Strukshur has also been awarded two Telly Winner Awards in the online commercials and videos categories.

Strong Foundation for the Future 

Strukshur has been innovating at a rapid pace to overcome the 20-year delay place the construction industry on the new thought processes of leveraging technology to help. Straight from designing the brand-new user interface to the feature set workflows, the Vierra couple has bounced every idea – of what Strukshur is and what it will be tomorrow – off each other. On his quest to further improve the Strukshur’s offerings, Vierra leverages feedback from the team and clients of his medium-sized construction company to craft the next big thing for the construction community. To achieve this dream, Vierra explains, “Our CTO and lead engineers are always scanning the horizon for plugins and tech that can help us leverage a better experience for our users.” The company currently follows a very gradual and incremental upgrades schedule to ensure that the users maintain access to the latest innovations that technology has to offer. “On a daily basis, we use this knowledge to focus on helping our industry evolve in an approachable, affordable way. As our roadmap develops, the feature sets are developed to solve real-time, everyday needs and tested in the field for ensuring relevance,” he adds.

In addition, Strukshur is identifying various ways to infuse the upcoming 5G capable machines and robotics, which will widely determine the evolution of the platform over the next five to ten years. As it soon becomes the only platform in the world to roll out the new 3D marketplace and E-commerce plugin capabilities, Strukshur is positioned to become the ultimate leader of residential construction project management. Known as the platform “designed and built by a design/build contractor, for designers and contractors, Strukshur ultimately serves the need of simplifying and organizing any build project through transparency,” concludes Maria.



CEO- Louis Vierra

Strukshur offers a centralized place to manage construction projects, teams, tasks, finishes and architectural design flow before drawings are started.