Friday, June 14, 2024

Stockholm wins the Smart City 2019 award at Smart City Expo World Congress

The city of Stockholm won the smart city award 2019 award at the smart city expo world congress, the award was handed over in the award-giving ceremony held on Thursday. The Global smart city awards are given to most creative projects and initiatives in the urban digital transformation industry. There are five more awards given for innovative ideas, digital Transformation, Inclusive and sharing cities, Governance and Finance, Mobility, and Urban Environment. Those awards were won by an e-mobility platform developed by FCC Barcelona, IoT-Based Yingtan project by the government of Yingtan (China), The Government of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Los Angeles Data Science Federation, Hexagon(A Madison-based Company) respectively.

As per the jury ‘Smart And Connected City’ a sustainable, inclusive and thriving project by the Swedish capital has been the key for selecting the city for the award. The project aims to create a smart and connected city, via innovation, openness, and connectivity to provide Stockholmers the highest quality of life and the best environment for business rose above the other finalists.

The Jury, comprised of representatives from the Barcelona City Council, the UITP International Association of Public Transport, UN-Habitat, the World Bank and Smart City Expo World Congress has considered that in a context in which Climate change continues to present a growing and significant global challenge to humanity and the biosphere in the 21st century, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development but also Paris Agreement has been created to tackle these issues. At city level, Stockholm is making efforts for years in this way implementing a strategy, developed together with the Stockholmers, focused on smart and integrated solutions in a number of areas such as low energy districts, integrated infrastructure, and sustainable urban mobility.