Friday, June 21, 2024

Are Our Hiring Algorithms bias? study says otherwise

Let’s face it!!!!

 Artificial Intelligence creeping into every aspect of how we do business, let alone our lives. One argument traditional Hr department faced often is about human bias, are we hiring right? Or is it mostly just gut feeling?. So it is not a surprise for many of us that AI algorithms play a major role in how you get hired today. Starting from your FB posts every traces you leave on the internet is scrutinized by hiring algorithms of potential employers. But are those algorithms right? The latest study at Cornell University thinks otherwise, they are blurry at max.

new research by the team of Computing and Information Science scholars at raises questions. We are not unfamiliar with a new breed of HR startups creating solutions based on cutting edge AI algorithms. But the question of is AI superior to human intelligence?…. Moreover human-like emotions? Remains to be answered. According to this study, it is not.

Emotions have a lot to play in when defining ‘bias’.They found companies tend to favor obscurity over transparency in this emerging field, where lack of consensus on fundamental points – formal definitions of “bias” and “fairness,” for starters – have enabled tech companies to define and address algorithmic bias on their terms.

“I think we’re starting to see a growing recognition among creators of algorithmic decision-making tools that they need to be particularly cognizant of how their tools impact people,” said Manish Raghavan, a doctoral student in computer science and first author of “Mitigating Bias in Algorithmic Employment Screening: Evaluating Claims and Practices,” to be presented in January at the Association for Computing Machinery Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency.

“Plenty of vendors make no mention of efforts to combat bias, which is particularly worrying since either they’re not thinking about it at all, or they’re not being transparent about their practices,” Raghavan worried.

The team is hopeful that the paper will encourage more discussions in ethics and transparency in the field of HR.