Saturday, June 15, 2024

IAM, Forbe’s owners invest in Bringhub an ecommerce based startup

Integrated Asset Management (IAM) is investing in a startup that allows online publishers to add ecommerce elements to their stories- Bringhub , according to an announcement from Bringhub.

Not everyone will be familiar with Hong Kong based investment firm IAM, but they bought a majority stake in Forbes media back in 2014

Bringhub’s main selling point is that it creates an environment where users can buy the products that they are reading about without even leaving the website, a much sought after feature in this modern day of sponsored contents and targeted audience. The platform also concentrated on providing top-level user satisfaction/convenience by offering a single checkout option from multiple websites  

“The unbridled growth of e-commerce has spurred us to focus our investment strategy heavily on tools and technologies that will enable us to capitalize on the industry’s potential” Tak-Cheung Yam, chairman of IAM, said in the funding release. “Bringhub’s ability to monetize content at scale, in addition to providing strategic analysis of consumer purchase and behavioral trends, is precisely the tool content producers, retailers and marketers need to supercharge revenue streams in 2017 and beyond.”

Bringhub based in LA says it has partnerd with more than 100 publishers including the big names such as AOL and NBC