Clue Insights: Revolutionize the Construction Industry

When it comes to the construction space, it’s one of the largest industries with about 2 trillion dollars’ worth in the US alone. Within construction, there are several segments. The nature of the construction industry is that there are reasonable solutions on the ERP side. However, there is another side of the industry where the segment of construction includes contractors and companies who operate heavy construction equipment that includes road building, bridge mining, paving, earthwork, perforation, excavation, and so on. This is where Clue Insights—a company that provides solutions to track heavy equipment, crew, machines, and trucks, all in a single platform—is creating a difference. “The construction industry is risky, complex, and volatile with low margin levels. Our solution enables businesses in the construction space to achieve their business objectives in one unified platform,” explains Oded Ran, Co-Founder & CEO, Clue Insights.

In a nutshell, Clue Insights is on a vision is to connect, standardize, and analyze construction asset data to transform them into actionable insights: for all construction companies, equipment, and employees. Uniquely smart, Clue Insights is a comprehensive solution that tracks mixed fleets, people, and assets in a single platform, hence increasing profitability in fleet operations. Moreover, Clue is the only construction management solution that gives you real-time status and performance updates for every single asset.

What makes Clue special is its ability to provide maximum productivity and minimum downtime with the entire fleet on a single platform. Moreover, it gives regular updates on fleet productivity, utilization, maintenance, work orders, and performance analysis—no matter the make, model, or year. The advanced solution enables connection and standardizing of all construction data in one place, this way it enables to easily monitor asset performance – for 100% of equipment, vehicles, tools, and crew. For clients, the Clue solution integrates all data, even the most minimum like little pickup trucks and dump trucks, and other things that can drive on the road. “We don’t tell our customers to change their operations or devices, we just integrate their data into a single pane of glass. That’s how we solve the complexity. For the first time ever, Clue provides all the datasets in the construction space in one unified location, and you can make very logical things from in a single platform,” points Oded.

Clue also provides an accurate and easy-to-use timecard system that enables managers to track work hours smarter and effectively. Businesses can also harness the potential of the Daily Visual Inspection Reports to ensure assets are well maintained. Crews can submit a DVIR before or after shifts. If operators report operational or safety issues, Clue will automatically generate a mechanic work order so the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible. Overall, Clue acts as a central hub for team-wide communication, thus helping streamline business operations. This way, the whole construction operations and people associated can be kept in the loop and going in the right direction.

A recent instance that portrays the company’s value proposition is when Clue was used by a construction company with a project of 3 million cubic yards of material being moved. The company deployed Clue to track each in real-time for each truck data. Each one of the loads, the number of loads they do every hour at the cycle time will be available to the company via Clue.

Today, Clue is on a mission to redefine the way the construction industry works. The company’s solutions are available internationally while serving a large array of clients across North America. The team works with numerous billion-dollar companies to provide the best ROI while reinviting the way their construction operations work.

Clue Insights

Oded Ran,Co-Founder & CEO


“For the first time ever, Clue provides all the datasets in the construction space in one unified location, and you can make very logical things from in a single platform”