Boomi: Mastering the Data Management

Master Data Management helps businesses responsibly manage business-critical. Information to reasonable quality and reliability standards. Master Data can be explained as an organization’s most important data. It refers to the data relevant for supporting corporate transactions and processes, such as products, customers, and suppliers. So, master data is vital for an organization’s primary business processes. Boomi, an integration platform, offers a Master Data Hub, a cloud-native master data management (MDM) platform. It provides an easy to implement, scalable, flexible, and secure master data management hub as a service.

Boomi helps deliver Integrated Experiences to improve revenue, convert and connect with suppliers, and simplify employee engagement. With Boomi, companies can embark on a new journey to engage and connect with users unlike ever before. The Boomi AtomSphere platform brings Integrated Experiences to life by readying the data and leading businesses to a newfound connectivity path. Data is the prime source of differentiation, a tangible asset, a revenue enabler that powers businesses. But data is only as valuable as how it is used to build better-integrated experiences.

Boomi’s integration solutions make it easier to unlock data’s value and transform it into information. With iPaaS as the foundation, Boomi transforms the data by connecting, modernizing, transforming, and innovating any organization. Boomi’s leadership team has decades of enterprise software and IT experience and has associated with many industry pioneers and start-ups. Their leaders are committed to making themselves a better organization.

With agile data mastering, Boomi makes a swift return on investment for the data management projects by completing the implementation in weeks rather than months and years. Breaking down the silos, Boomi enables businesses to expand trusted data through the enterprise and gain a bird’s eye view across products and employees via a central hub. Companies get to avoid the time, expense, and trouble of purchasing multiple data mastering products to cover initiatives that cross data domains and organizational boundaries with Boomi’s comprehensive master data management solution.

By leveraging the power of the cloud, Boomi’s single instance multi-tenant platform is equipped to provide all the benefits of the cloud, including flexibility, design patterns, agility, scalability, high availability, built-in redundancy, and automatic upgrades. This will help eliminate massive capital costs and the complexities of maintaining on-premise software and ensure all customers automatically benefit from the latest features and functionality.

At Boomi, their mission is to help companies connect across businesses also transcends and manifests how they connect across various social and civic purposes. It allows them to communicate with the communities and create a global and local impact.

The Silicon Review has selected Boomi as one of 2021’s 50 Best Workplaces. “The team at Boomi makes a conscious effort every day to ensure that everyone has a voice,” says Chris McNabb, CEO at Boomi. “All ideas are valued. People feel like they have a chance to make a real impact. Leaders have an open-door policy, even if it’s now a virtual door in our current world. Our ethos as a company to be good humans, take ownership, go beyond, and create awesome things inspires a tremendous feeling of loyalty that’s palpable throughout our organization. This recognition is a testament to the commitment that all of us make to each other, our customers, and our partners,” he added.

Boomi has over 18,000+ customers from various industries, including research, education, technology, healthcare, and many more. Boomi instantly connects people to what they want and reduces manual work through their low-code integration platform. Boomi helps their customers achieve this by adopting Integrated Experiences and building a more intelligent, agile, secure, and efficient platform operationally with a modern IT foundation that can adapt to an ever-changing global climate and get to market faster.


David Meredith, CEO

“All ideas are valued. People feel like they have a chance to make a real impact. Leaders have an open-door policy, even if it’s now a virtual door in our current world. “