AirWorks: Unlocking the Power of AI for Improved Mapping and Decision-Making

As the world continues to embrace the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), industries are being transformed by its applications. One such industry is the construction sector, where AI-powered solutions like AirWorks are changing the game. AirWorks is revolutionizing the mapping process for construction projects by using AI to create automated maps from aerial data. AirWorks is revolutionizing the way construction projects are mapped and planned. With its AI-powered platform, the company is solving a major data bottleneck in the pre-construction process and enabling project managers to deliver more projects faster. The construction industry is a massive, untapped $12T market, and AirWorks is leading the charge in automated mapping solutions.

The platform allows users to upload 2D or 3D remote sensing data into AirWorks Automate, which extracts features from 14+ layers and delivers a survey-grade planimetric/topographic base map. This process is designed to enhance and augment the creation of survey-grade base maps, and the platform is built on more than 30 thousand hours of data preparation. The platform autonomously identifies and classifies features, and generates planimetric and topographic base maps quickly.

AirWorks Automate can predict features with 90+ percent pixel accuracy, and the company’s team of CAD and civil engineers reviews all projects once AI processing is complete. This ensures that the final deliverables are 100% reliable and accurate every time, with a level of precision that is a factor in the accuracy and quality of the input dataset. AirWorks’ platform has been deployed with some of the largest civil engineering companies in the industry, establishing the company as a leader in automated mapping. The solution has also been spun out of MIT, and it plans for its technology to be the base layer of geospatial analytics for any industry.

One of the key benefits of AirWorks’ platform is that it puts reliable data in the hands of project managers, allowing them to make the best decisions, reduce risks, and be more efficient. The accuracy and quality of the data provided by AirWorks make it easier for teams to keep clients happy and grow their business as market leaders. Moreover, governments are running into the problem of data management as mapping becomes more important than ever before. AirWorks is the only solution on the market that can identify and generate vectors from geospatial data in record time, allowing governments to plug valuable information into their GIS databases for quick decision-making.

AirWorks is headquartered in Boston and employs a team of AI experts, software developers, sales experts, marketers, geographers, and civil engineers. The company is redefining the future of mapping for the built world, making it easier and more efficient for construction projects to be planned and executed. “At AirWorks, we’re not just focused on providing accurate maps and data. We’re also focused on helping our clients grow their businesses and become market leaders in their industries” says David Morczinek, CEO.

In conclusion, AirWorks’ AI-powered platform is a game-changer for the construction industry. With its ability to quickly and accurately extract features from remote sensing data, AirWorks is empowering project managers to make better decisions, reduce risks, and be more efficient. The platform’s reliability and accuracy are unmatched in the market, and the company’s plans to expand its technology to other industries make it a formidable player in the geospatial analytics space.


David Morczinek, CEO


“At AirWorks, we’re not just focused on providing accurate maps and data. We’re also focused on helping our clients grow their businesses and become market leaders in their industries”