Using IoT technology for fleet management in Ohio

To enhance its fleet management capabilities, Ohio has chosen Geotab as its telematics provider. Geotab is a connected-vehicle platform.

The agreement enables state and local government organizations to install linked IoT technology from Geotab in their fleet vehicles. This technology can track a variety of vehicle data, including location, maintenance, driver performance, and fuel consumption. The company claimed that the data made available enables the state to enhance, among other things, vehicle utilization, maintenance, winter operations, safety, and fuel efficiency.

Neil Garrett, associate vice president of business development, government at Geotab, said that being chosen as the only telematics provider for the state of Ohio “adds to Geotab’s growing and robust contract portfolio, further solidifying our position as the telematics provider of choice for government agencies across North America.” We are certain that the depth of the Geotab solution will assist the state of Ohio in achieving its fleet optimization objectives, both present, and future.

The GO9, a GPS tracking device that connects to an automobile’s onboard diagnostics (OBD-II) connector, serves as the foundation of the Geotab platform. The gadget features an onboard WiFi hotspot, a gyroscope-enhanced accelerometer that can help with accident detection and analysis, and near-real-time vehicle information.

Ohio government agencies will have access to Geotab’s fleet-management products, including Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment, which examines vehicle data to identify which fleet components are suitable for EV replacement, and Keyless, a digital key program that enables multiple drivers to share vehicles without keys.

“The state of Ohio contract, among others, underscores our long-standing commitment to finding ways for government agencies to source leading telematics solutions and ultimately improve public services for local constituents,” said Jean Pilon-Bignell, Geotab’s vice president, public sector. “Over the years, telematics has proven itself as an invaluable technology for fleet management and by streamlining the telematics-purchasing process, Geotab is empowering government customers to take advantage of best-in-class analytics.”