To complete its potent Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Platform, Revnue has launched contract authoring and negotiation capabilities

Customers will be able to author contracts using Revenue’s new pre-signature feature, starting the process of developing more effective and standardized contract templates and frameworks. Additionally, customers will be able to build their clause libraries and seamlessly drag and drop certain terms and conditions into the contract.

Contract redlining will also be a part of the pre-signature tool, giving users access to a document’s revision history and the option to track comments. Once finished, the contract can be controlled in the user-friendly dashboard before being transmitted for execution via integrated eSignature.

“We’re excited for users to experience the new pre-signature feature. We believe it’s a game-changing capability and underscores our commitment to bringing simple, powerful, and efficient contract management to all our customers,” said John Cortez, Revenue’s Co-founder and COO.