Strategic Security Solutions: Helping you in bringing your Best Game

When Johanna Baum Thomas (Founder and CEO of S3) laid the foundations for Strategic Security Solutions, she took a pivotal step towards a really where her venture was a respected strategic consultancy, excelling in a wide expanse of categories such as accounting, auditing, enterprise governance risk and compliance, and identity governance and administration. Today, she is living that reality as the work S3 is doing or has done in the past is fetching the company appreciation from all over the world. Built on four strong pillars of transparency, integrity, intellectual curiosity, and collaboration, S3 has gradually cemented its name as one of the reputed organizations in their field of work and beyond.

It’s rare for a business entity these days to be driven by people-centric ideas. S3 revels in its rarity by creating a healthy environment around their diverse team comprising of accountants, auditors, technology experts, and sales professionals, which indirectly puts them a step above their competitors. This unconventional approach of S3 has been backed by some serious success as major companies continue to look for a spot on their clientele list. So far, S3 has associated with conglomerates like The Coca-Cola Company, Honda, TreeHouse Foods, Kohl’s, and Bain Capital.

‘Besides our advantages on the technological front, our biggest strength is our collaborative spirit. In a space where it is all about identity and technology, we unite our team, our client’s team, and several vendor teams, to deploy a people-first holistic solution spanning the entirety of the solution lifecycle,’ Johanna remarked.

S3 has always chosen to proactive with whatever they do and that has become one of the cornerstones of their success. They have collaborated with some of the industry’s biggest technology vendors to deliver high-value solutions like SAP suite, eGRC, risk management tools, adaptive authentication solutions etc. Despite the prepackaging of solution, S3 leaves enough room of flexibility to accommodate every need of their customer. As an organization, S3 totally understands the client’s concerns over long-term gains, therefore they engage with their customers on a comprehensive level, understanding every intricate detail the client deems important enough to mention so they are better able to deliver a solution that can run the long race. Once they have delivered the solution, following their IGA- centric system requirements, S3 stays in constant touch with the customer, guiding them over how to squeeze out maximum value from it. Staying back and helping the customer in achieving incremental wins can be safely called as S3’s unique selling point.

S3’s success has been largely built on personnel who are willing to listen to the client and grasp the true size and nature of their requirements. They use these details to create a clear IGA vision, and a tactical plan which from there onwards leads the way and dictates every move on a granular level. Following the laying out of the tactical plan, the company, along with their client, performs an in-depth evaluation of the needs and decides whether an on-premise solution fits the bill or it should be routed through their cloud service.

S3’s unwavering belief in productive collaboration resonates with a client who is looking value for their money; hence S3’s services are becoming more and more sought-after every day.

“Other companies sell what they want to offer even if it’s not the best solution for the customers. For us, selling a solution is not a mere business transaction. It is the practice of bringing true, sustainable value to clients,” Carrie Bender, manager at S3 for IAM delivery.

S3 continues to keep an open for new technologies that are in the pipeline. They are ready to tread any path that aligns with their people-first principle, so that the company is always in a position to deliver the absolute best.


Strategic Security Solutions

Johanna Thomas, CEO

S3, as an organization, is principled around delivering solutions that help the clients in dealing with the risk factor through identity & access management.