SmartAdvocate: Powerful Legal Case Management Software

There was no software product on the market that could assist them in tackling many of their specialized case management problems. That’s when Smart Advocate entered the picture. Thousands of new features and additions have been added to SmartAdvocateas a result of hundreds of significant software updates. SmartAdvocate has stayed committed to using client testimonials, evaluations, and requests as their primary guidance in software development, serving law firms in all practice areas throughout the world. SmartAdvocate is proud of its 100+ integration partners, which include services such as e-Signature, accounting software, SMS, medical records retrieval, and much more. SmartAdvocate is the most sophisticated and comprehensive case management solution on the market. SmartAdvocate was created by and for personal injury and mass tort law companies, but it is currently utilized by a wide spectrum of law firms across the United States and Canada.

SmartAdvocate is a robust, comprehensive case management system for personal injury attorneys, mass tort litigation businesses, and other types of litigation firms. This dynamic software is cloud-based or server-based, and it’s meant to serve the clients better. SmartAdvocate is the best personal injury attorney software on the market. Using their litigation case management system, a firm will be able to keep track of the clients’ cases throughout their association with the company. The Statuses and Sub-Statuses feature in SmartAdvocate helps users see how each file in their caseload is progressing, from pre-signing to pre-litigation, discovery, trial, and post-trial. The ability to automate a legal firm’s operations is one of SmartAdvocate’s strongest advantages. The proprietary WorkPlans and automated procedures ensure that each stage of each case is handled consistently and suitably. SmartAdvocate’s WorkPlans are best described as a checklist that can automate routine operations. WorkPlans keep everything in one place so that one can assess it at anytime to finish a project: Teams will no longer have to waste time determining what has to be done, who should do it, and what the deadline is.

SmartAdvocate recently released a new version of its software. This release includes over 1,000 upgrades, including new features and software updates that will enrich and improve the day-to-day experience for all clients. SmartAdvocate takes pride in being responsive to its users, and the majority of the recent upgrades are the result of customer requests. New Visual Themes, Customizable Dashboards, and New Screens for more complex Social Security Disability and Veterans’ Affairs cases are among them. Several modifications have also been made to the program to assist businesses in enhancing their efficiency. “We are especially proud of this release,” Igor Selizhuk, CTO of SmartAdvocate, states, “because it shows that as law firms continually look to automation to increase their efficiency and profitability, we are supporting them and evolving along with their needs.”

Law firms may use the automated procedures to establish repeated tasks, send automated text messages and emails to customers, create several reminders, and prepare documents automatically. When events in a case change, any of these actions can be triggered automatically. For instance, when a legal firm delivers a retainer to a client for signing, automated emails and SMS messages can be sent as reminders until the client’s e-signature is received. The next duties are allocated to everyone on the team whenever the case status is modified inside SmartAdvocate. This form of automation saves time by freeing up top people for things like critical research and inquiry, as well as removing risk and potential for mistakes.

The Client Portal at SmartAdvocate gives clients immediate access to case-specific information. This includes documentation, case calendars, notes, and more, allowing personnel to focus on other tasks. Clients can also submit papers for their case, making communication with their attorney much easier. SmartAdvocate is a new program that will boost the efficiency and profitability of law firms. It was created by personal injury attorneys who understand the issues of case management in today’s fast-paced, highly competitive, and technologically demanding industry.


Igor Selizhuk, CTO


“As law firms continually look to automation to increase their efficiency and profitability, we are supporting them and evolving along with their needs.”