Tuesday, January 31, 2023

QBE: Enabling a More Resilient Future

Whether one owns or rents an aircraft, or manages an aviation business, the company is exposed to significant hazards and responsibilities. QBE is a global leader in aviation insurance and is one of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance firms. With a strong base and experience in North America, QBE delivers a global approach in the insurance sector. QBE provides inexpensive, comprehensive aviation insurance plans through competitive and flexible underwriting by a seasoned staff of underwriters with real-world flying expertise. QBE also provides exclusive access to their aircraft salvage auctions to a small number of people. QBE is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and operates in 27 countries across the world, covering every major insurance market.

QBE is a global insurance provider dedicated to assisting clients in resolving unique risks so they can concentrate on what really matters. They provide a broad variety of financial line coverage and capabilities to satisfy their clients’ current and future demands. With operations in all of the major insurance markets, QBE Insurance Group is one of the top 20 general insurance and reinsurance businesses in the world. QBE Accident & Health offers exceptional coverage and services to meet the unique demands of self-insured businesses. Increased liability limitations, sustained rises in medical inflation, and government requirements force companies to rely on their brokers and plan administrators to deliver inventive benefit solutions. “Taking care of people and fostering more resilient and sustainable communities is at the heart of QBE’s culture,” says QBE North America CEO, Todd Jones.

While the mergers and acquisitions market continues to expand, top executives seeking to strategically boost output and profitability must be wary of the liabilities that might arise when purchasing or selling enterprises. The Transactional Liability team at QBE is made up of underwriters who have handled merger and acquisition transactions as well as contract writing. QBE’s exceptional products and services reduce risk, allowing them to concentrate on more important tasks, such as closing the business. QBE is dedicated to sharing their specialized knowledge and unrivaled technical resources. They assist brokers and their administrative partners in protecting their customers and growing their businesses by delivering competitive products and fast support. For middle-market consumers, QBE Property & Casualty offers a broad array of products and services. Underwriters with a regional emphasis and extensive industry experience may provide bespoke solutions to satisfy each customer’s specific requirements.

QBE has a focused appetite and the capacity to design coverage solutions for their clients across all property and casualty lines. Today’s management faces a plethora of hazards that are incredibly complex and diversified. Because of the complexity of the terrain, it is critical to recognize and comprehend all potential exposures. Management Liability at QBE assists directors and officers in reducing financial and reputational risks. For multinational customers, not-for-profit organizations, and privately held businesses, QBE provides a comprehensive range of coverage. The QBE team is dedicated to the clients’ requirements and interests, from underwriting to relationship management through service and claims. QBE can give realistic and customized solutions to successfully manage the risks owing to their underwriting excellence, knowledge of the core business, and collaborative culture.

In the long term, QBE wants to be the insurer with the strongest client relationships. They provide individuals with the confidence to achieve their goals by assisting them in managing risks so that they may concentrate on the desired end rather than the potential obstacles.


Todd Jones, CEO, QBE North America


“Taking care of people and fostering more resilient and sustainable communities is at the heart of QBE’s culture”.