Tuesday, December 6, 2022

OpsLyft: Creating a New Normal for Cloud Management Platforms

Cloud service providers are responsible for maintaining hardware, software updates, and security. They help cloud service customers to manage the deployment and operation of

applications and associated datasets across multiple cloud service infrastructures, including both on-premises and public cloud service provider infrastructure. Providing reliable cloud management services truly matters in today’s cloud-friendly world. OpsLyft In is a San Francisco-based DevOps platform provider committed to streamlining DevOps for every software company worldwide. The company’s platform provides comprehensive visibility and actionable insights with regard to the cloud infrastructure to technology and financial leaders. These suggestions will help them grow their organization by tying up innovation and commerce.

OpsLyft offers cloud cost budgeting and predictability capability to its users. It empowers engineers to make efficient infrastructural changes with zero downtime while ensuring maximum ROI. Cost360 is a cloud spend management platform by OpsLyft that analyzes the cloud resources in real-time to give software developers insights and suggestive actions for making cost-friendly infrastructure changes. Finance professionals can understand cloud unit economics by putting AWS costs in business contexts and measuring the cloud cost per customer served. It also enables engineering managers to answer the finance team why the price is surpassing the budget.

The infrastructure cost and viability help tech leaders identify the primary cost driver for anomalies. It identifies the unused and idle resources racking up the cloud bill. The machine learning-based real-time cost dashboards help the users to visualize the infra costs efficiently. The users can also track the budget with the daily and weekly cloud costs trend with the help of the reports generated by the platform. The infrastructure management platform helps in optimizing the infrastructure with articulately crafted runbooks. The runbooks can be utilized to terraform the existing infrastructure and identify the optimal capacity of each resource as per its workload. The runbooks are customizable and can be engaged to remove idle or unused resources, schedule resources, and sanitize the existing infrastructure.

OpsLyft is a unified DevOps platform. It can collectively address the use cases like automation and governance, value stream mapping, security, development, cloud cost management, and incident management using a system of integrations operating via a layer of intelligence. The team is focused on providing both technical and finance leaders with a cloud management solution that not only shows them where their cloud infrastructure needs help but also provides them with the steps to fix it.

Recently, OpsLyft has raised $500k seed funding from unicorn founders Anand Chandrasekaran and marquee angels from Freshworks, Oyo, Innovaccer, and other angel investors from India and the US. The company will use these funds to speed up product development, strengthen the team, and expand the go-to-market functions in the US. “Through our product-led approach, we have been able to create trust within our customers by ensuring a very short time-to-value. This has enabled us to acquire large-scale customers quickly. With this funding in place, we seek to further our mission of enabling every software team in the world to build reliable & cost-efficient software on the cloud. We can significantly increase our execution capability by building a stronger team. We look forward to working with people who believe in building tech products from India for the world. As a company, we feel very deeply that it is our moral obligation to build such companies from India as well,” says Aayush Kumar, founder, and CEO of OpsLyft.

OpsLyft is currently simplifying DevOps activities for more than 800 engineers of Unicorn companies across India and the US and has helped them save more than $20 million in cloud bills till now.


Aayush Kumar, Founder, and CEO


“Through our product-led approach, we have been able to create trust within our customers by ensuring a very short time-to-value. This has enabled us to acquire large-scale customers quickly.”