Oculus VisionTech Inc. is extremely grateful to have successfully tested its Cloud-based document protection system (DPS1.0) on the Amazon Wb Service (“AWS”) Cloud infrastructure. DPS1.0 is ready for trial and buy at www.oculusvisiontech.com.

With regard to the completion of testing of DPS1.0, Oculus has migrated the hosting of DPS1.0 to AWS conceding the fact that is it not otherwise associated with Amazon or its AWS. Oculus is leveraging the Amazon Cloud platform to build a easily accessible and scalable environment. In addition, using AWS boosts DPS1.0’s flexibility to vicious intrusion attempts by depending on AWS’ firewall system.

Oculus is capable of using the Amazon Elastic Compute Coud (“Amazon EC2”) service by hostinG DPS1.0, which permits Oculus to measure the capacity of the DPS1.0 based on workload requirement. If workload is on the high, Amazon EC2 permits for load balancing and “round robin” usage, which leaves Oculus with open doors for growth and on-demand bandwidth. In order to clearly understand the essential load and performance metrics in context to workload demand for DPS1.0, Oculus has executed AWS Cloud watch, which permits Oculus to grasp the immediate and current load on the environment. To achieve faster storage for the production and provisioning of images, Oculus utilizes AWS Glacier Storage for DPS1.0 backup and to archive information and S3 (AWS memory – storage). By setting up its own Virtual Private Cloud ( VPC) and connecting the network with the Virtual Private Network (VPN) services by AWS Oculus is leveraging the security solutions provided by AWS.

Tom Perovic, a director of the Company, who oversees the testing and launch of the Company’s DPS technology stated, “We are very proud of launching our document protection product, especially as cyber security issues become more prevalent in our lives today. We believe that this is a product that is globally relevant and has the potential to significantly change the status quo of how information is protected. With DPS1.0 now available, we look forward to increasing the market exposure for the Company and its products.”