Saturday, June 15, 2024

MongoDB 3.4 Accelerates Digital Transformation for the Modern Enterprise

MongoDB, a NoSQL database provider has announced the launch of 3.4 product promising greater analytic capabilities and additional data models.

The new features are multi-model functionality, native graph analytics and a all new SQL interface. With the new release, the organization hopes to be placed at the ‘ center of enterprises’ digital transformation initiatives’ citing the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI (artificial intelligence) as use cases which need intense analytical and operational requirements. 

Elsewhere, the launch of 3.4 provides an array of options to simplify application deployments to many data centres, from ‘zones’ claimed as the sector’s first full fledged elastic database partitioning capability designed for multi-region deployments with quicker elastic operations which intends to skim the time balancing data across clusters.

“Developers want to access and store their data in the simplest way possible,” said Eliot Horowitz, MongoDB CTO and co-founder in a statement. “We are continuing to add new capabilities to our query language – like graph and faceted search operators – so developers can use MongoDB for applications that previously required multiple technologies, thereby consolidating their technology footprint.”

“Leaders of nearly every business are under enormous pressure to disrupt, or be disrupted, by the advent of the digital enterprise,” added Dev Ittycheria, MongoDB president and CEO. “Organisations that know how to leverage next-generation software and data technologies to transform their businesses have an intrinsic competitive advantage.”

Amongst many who have tested the new service, MongoDB rolled out some names such as Baidu- a chinese search engine, pollsters YouGov and real estate portal who claim to have been ‘passionate’ users of MongoDB since 2010.