Enterprise Viewpoint is excited to announce it’s collaboration with GIANT Health for their upcoming “European Health Tech Innovation week 2021” as Media Partner.

European Health-Tech Innovation Week ™ – sponsored by GIANT Health – takes place from 17-21 May 2021 and is five 1-day hybrid conferences and exhibitions across Europe’s leading healthcare innovation regions; successfully driving improved healthcare outcomes and business collaboration by showcasing & championing Europe’s best health-tech innovations.

Participating cities are Barcelona, Berlin, Liverpool, Paris, and Stockholm. Each 1-day festival is both a physical and virtual format, providing valuable face-to-face and virtual networking and promotional opportunities, learning, and collaboration for the entire European health-tech community including businesses, investors, government agencies, scientists, and academics. The virtual / fully digital elements of the event enable robust collaboration and engagement for businesses around the world.

”The Global Innovation and New Technology Health Event is going to be bigger and better this year as our event goes both in the real-world and virtual. We will be reaching out to our global community of nearby 200,000 health tech innovators, offering more direct business networking services, and more personalized engagement opportunities”

About GIANT – Europe’s greatest HealthTech Innovation Festival.

GIANT brings together an audience of 1000s of people who care passionately about improving health outcomes:e.g. major health corporates (insurance, pharma), Consultancies, clinicians, investors, NHS leadership, training and innovation hubs, public sector support, accelerators, health-focused start-ups , SMEs and entrepreneurs.

We are a magnet attracting and driving connections between health corporates and innovators.

It’s more than an event – it’s designed for and by people whose business is health – as well as the annual flagship event each November, there is a newsletter with over 100k subscribed email addresses, a weekly TV show and ongoing productive connectivity amongst the community to drive themes and help innovation to flourish.

As we are a “Festival,” as well as the main stage, we host an incredible array of useful tracks, developed and delivered by partner companies (e.g. Medical organisations, incubators, public sector support, legal, technology experts/consultancies, start-ups, clinicians). These are either specialist audience, technology in focus or business boosters.

Join us at European Health-Tech Innovation Week! A special promotional code which allows to save up to 25% is available for our subscribers:with the code “EV25”.