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Data is an indispensable cog of almost every major industry thriving in today’s era. Be it technology, finance or healthcare; you just can’t ignore the importance of data if you wish to witness even the slightest of growth. Now, to manage data which allegedly sizes up to tons on some instances, it can be a tiring task. Coverleaf Analytics is the company which steps in to facilitate this process for you. The company instigated its insurgency in the insurance sector by dripping their ground-breaking ideas into the modus operandi of some big names in the industry. Results were quick to make their presence felt as the new methods took the service quality of these insurance companies to an optimal level without causing any significant disturbance.

Affordable procedure to gather the data from a bunch of credible sources and to store it in the cloud to create a detailed analysis of it was a vision that has been materialized now. When the whole thing was still a work in progress, the main aim was to cut two major factors which were time and cost. Back then only a few big beleaguers could manage to afford it, however now, fortunately, it’s more universal and less time-consuming.

Monitoring the realms of this market bursting with potential, Coverleaf Analytics has successfully dished out a principle that will offer extremely high-value and capability to insurance carriers. The company has integrated state of the art tooling to shore up industry’s specific data movement and corroboration through the tunnel of graphical rule engines and built-in code standardization process. At the moment, they have slotted in 900 sector- specific metrics and 150 report views and out of the box dashboards. The solution was produced to counter the demands of heavy data analysis and data mashups.

Unique Point of Selling

At Coverleaf, things are always in motion. One eye is continuously on the market to see if there is any development in the technology sphere. Apart from that, the company focuses on gaining new perspectives which do when in conversation with fellow solution providers. All these efforts come together to form a solution which is cost-effective but at the same time something which exudes a vibe of brilliance.

End-to-end Encryption

Coverleaf can assure that the best quality of encryption is put to use to keep your data outright secure from any potential attacks. The database which possesses the critical details, the server which makes the solution accessible, the Coverleaf Analytics application and also the connection of the client through which he is using that application is well protected. Also, the software that works in the background to facilitate the functioning of the application is also thoroughly tested by third-party platforms.

Benefits Churned Out Till Now

Coverleaf Analytics clients have savored numerous benefits till now from the services meted out by the company. The way a balanced has been bestowed upon their operation by Coverleaf’s solution is something worth deeming as commendable. Nowadays, there is this growing need of transparency, and when the claimants are viewing the operations so strictly, the insurance companies are encouraged to improve the quality of their services which they can do seamlessly with the help of Coverleaf solutions. Besides, the utilization of relevant information also guides the insurer to identify anything fishy within a claim.

What Future Holds in Store?

Coverleaf Analytics is looking forward to covering more specific points in solution providing. The company is also contemplating the increase in the amount of information extended to rope in more accuracy. Also, the company plans to explore an even better level for their existing technology.


Cloverleaf Analytics


President&CEO: Robert Clark


Cloverleaf’s end-to-end insurance BI solution was built by a team of experts who have prided themselves in architecting and building some of the best BI solutions in the insurance industry.