BitBang: Balancing Art And Science

For organizations today managing data and information is a demanding task. In order to stay ahead of the increasing competition the firms need predictions which can show them the future outcomes to enhance their business performance. This is possible through analytical techniques which many solution providers are not able to provide as they are not masters in offering data-driven results utilizing a wide range of data sources and alogrithms. This is where BitBang has become a pioneer offering digital analytics, digital intelligence, customer intelligence and customer experience management services. BitBang’s sole focus is on unleashing the hidden power of raw data to address the ever increasing needs of digital analytics space.

Spearheaded by Giovanni Lorenzoni, CEO of BitBang, the company has realized that being an honest Data management and insight delivery company  whether it is digital, enterprise, internal or from third party sources, is a precondition for helping data-driven businesses to succeed. “The firms want valuable information from the present big data and transform the information into key business insights and enhancing operational efficiency, while improving customer experience which can result in increased ROI,” explains the steadfast leader. “However, they are facing numerous challenges and there are hardly anyone to assist them in this scenario and offer a solution that can result in increased productivity.”

Founded more than a decade ago with a primary focus on digital analytics,  BitBang has been addressing these growing challenges of the organizations worldwide, assisting them to transform their data into valuable insights. The company has expanded its services to become a Consulting Centre of Excellence in Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Cloud Engineering. Deep insight makes the company stand in a unique position providing continuous support to improve business results, starting with pilots to maximized long term results and conducting in-depth studies to provide insight.

The company has expertise across vertical and different use cases ranging from Customer and Digital Analytics to influence Customer Experience and enabling Marketing Personalization, Customer Analytics and Intelligence to influence CLV and business value, Analysis of machine data to generate value from IoT and Natural Language and Image Processing to make sense of unstructured data.

The Right Mix

BitBang strongly adheres to a mission where business success, technology progress, data practice and fact-based management are fused together. “We appreciate and acknowledge that in the Big Data world, concepts like useful data, velocity and data democratization are most prominent,” says Giovanni.

BitBang assists the customers by governing and diversifying technologies to architect the multiple needs of enterprise scenarios, advanced analytics, and data science. Giovanni and his team of experts first evaluates and optimizes models that predict new insights and provides data reporting and data visualizations to simplify and spread information and insights across multiple Functions assisting them to take actions from multi-channel analysis for enhancing customer engagement and conversations.

The company does it by first meeting with the clients to understand their current challenges, frustrations, goals and objectives for their business in a holistic way. Based on this knowledge, they create an initial proposal that meets both the clients short-term and long-term goals. Working hand-in-hand with the customer they make a definitive structured plan that must include executive commitment to succeed. BitBang then continuously reviews the results and re-develops the strategy working closely with clients to ensure that there is continuous work towards their end goal and optimizing their return on investment.

Giovanni and his team solves the biggest challenge faced by solution providers today of proving the value of their solutions, especially in a monitory front by adopting a customer success program. This program considers the precise definition of the return of technological investment through the definition of use cases and the prediction of the business value generated from the execution of these use case. “Being project-focused/planning-centered, as opposed to simply relying on technology, we pride ourselves in helping our customers select strategies based on use cases that will provide real business-value and ROI,” adds Giovanni. “We then implement and adopt these use cases into their business model.  It is only then that we recommend the most suitable and effective technologies that can be integrated seamlessly within the various chosen use cases.”

BitBang has successfully helped an international Beverage company, operating in over 90 countries (3,000 employees), through a digital innovation which focused on Data Strategy, Content and Performance Marketing to create ‘the single version of truth’.  This included integrating data from numerous channels through a unique, customized dashboard, construing and developing various siloed data sources alongside defining and applying a sound data governance program

Spearheading towards the Future

Through his background in Business Administration studies and years of experience in digital marketing analytics practice, Giovanni has incorporated his 16 years of experience in Digital Intelligence, Marketing Analytics, Measurement & Optimization to take the company to new heights. Being BitBang’s Analytics & Intelligence Team Leader, Giovanni has made it a point that BitBang regularly invests in Research & Development, and have an entire division dedicated to this. The company is always looking to advance and develop their technologies and resources, ensuring that they are continuously educating themselves, studying new technologies and looking to develop others within such a fast-developing digital world which continues to provide new challenges every day.

For Giovanni, innovation is the key element of BitBang’s proposition. “We help organizations to deal with new and existing marketing technologies and ecosystems to solve business challenges, thus our mission is to follow and embrace the trends that have a positive impact in data-driven decision making but we can’t predict were we will be in terms of transformation of the business ecosystem in the next few years,” says Giovanni.

BitBang prides themselves for having the ability to help their customers in digital analytics and enhanced marketing analytics, improving the customer experience management—setting it ahead in the competition. The company has the capability to unlock the power of data that will require new processes and skills to complement the new technical capability. BitBang originated from the world of data analysis, and therefore adopt this analytic approach within every project. “We have always, and will continue, to use this method. We are agnostic in terms of creatives and media planning therefore we are transparent and authentic, both in sharing strategy expertise and providing reliable results and data for each and every client,” says Giovanni. “We have invested many years in data science and we now stand in a position of a great understanding of big data marketing success rules.”  BitBang often works with Universities, public and private organizations to lead innovation throughout the entire spectrum of initiatives.

The company maintains a worldwide vision, attending international events and communicating on a world-wide basis, to affirm that their work continues to deliver the highest-standards for all clients and prospective. Looking ahead, the company is intent on extending its marketing analytics consulting practice to deliver the omni-channel intelligence mandate helping the client’s important implications for organizational structure, enterprise strategy and technology needs. “Data democratization and self-service intelligence are certainly the most effective rules today for enterprises to deal with the abundance of data and information at their disposal,” explains Giovanni. “Every organization needs to build an “internal structure” composed of talented people, efficient processes and agile technologies.”



CEO-  Giovanni Lorenzoni

BitBang can serve as the “honest broker” having a solid partnership with all of the analytics mega-players finding the best solutions.