Friday, May 17, 2024

Enabling An Efficient Future for Transportation Infrastructure

Jones & DeMille Engineering (JDE) has officially announced a strategic partnership with vialytics to streamline and manage transportation infrastructure assessments through advanced AI and digital image collection technology. To give you some context, vialytics was such an ideal partner here because of its knowhow in automating tedious tasks through a convenient, smartphone-based system for road management. In practice, this involves the company leveraging artificial intelligence to evaluate road and asset conditions before offering objective pavement, road sign, manhole, and storm drain condition data, and much more. Once generated, the stated data is then used within the system as a way to track damage and assist in maintenance and planning. Hence, with vialytics’ contribution secured, the partnership in question can expect to avail benefits, such as significant time and cost savings, objectivity and consistency in roadway assessments, quicker turnaround times, and optimal utilization of innovative technology resulting in successful outcomes. Talk about these benefits on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the promised of better value. Both JDE and vialytics will apply the AI power, alongside comprehensive digital imagery, to enhance the quality, value, and longevity of community infrastructure. Next up, we must get how the partners will try and achieve objectivity in assessments. You see, having AI run the show should eliminate from the process all human bias. Instead, the technology will ensure that each and every infrastructure assessment is based on consistent and objective criteria.

“At vialytics, it is ingrained in our organizational ethos to empower our partner communities worldwide with state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring the execution of top-tier road infrastructure for their citizens,” said Andy Kozma, President and CRO of vialytics Americas. “We are immensely thrilled to announce our partnership with Jones & DeMille, the preeminent civil engineering firm in Utah.”

More on the point of consistency would reveal the partners’ plan to use advanced algorithms to supply consistent and accurate analysis of road conditions. This, in turn, should lead us towards more reliable infrastructure development, planning, and information related to remaining roadway life cycles. Moving on, like we discussed, the stated partnership between JDE and vialytics will also focus on realizing substantially quicker turnaround times. Markedly enough, they will look to achieve such a feat through automated assessments, assessments that will facilitate quicker decision-making across the board so to address all infrastructure needs in a timely fashion. Another detail worth a mention here is rooted in the collaboration’s innovation potential. For instance, by bringing into play vialytics’ state-of-the-art solution, the development makes a point to let its beneficiaries be at the forefront of infrastructure management innovation.

As for what makes JDE a good candidate for this partnership, the answer resides in the company’s pledge to provide funding procurement, design engineering, surveying, material testing, and construction management services. Understood to be an award-winning firm of its niche, JDE is currently operational across 11 different office locations.

“This partnership demonstrates our dedication to embracing innovative solutions to shape the quality of life within our communities,” said Michael Hawley, CFO of Jones & DeMille Engineering. “Together, we are setting new standards for how road infrastructure assessments are conducted, leading to more efficient, sustainable, and community-focused outcomes.”