Friday, May 17, 2024

A Unified Attempt to Defend Your Crops and the Environment

Vestaron Corporation, a leading innovator in sustainable crop protection solutions, has officially announced a partnership with Simplot Grower Solutions, a North American Agricultural Retailer, to deliver novel sustainable solutions for farmers across US. Under the agreed terms, the partnership will combine Vestaron’s novel insecticides with Simplot Grower Solutions’ extensive network and agronomic expertise to deliver sustainable and effective crop protection solutions. Looking at each company’s USP from a more actionable standpoint, we begin from how Vestaron has developed and commercialized a range of novel peptide-based insecticides that offer a compelling alternative to traditional chemical products and the growing resistance they face. These insecticides, markedly enough, make it possible for you to manage pest challenges, and at the same time, minimize environmental impacts (including pollinator and worker safety), thus also birthing better compliance with shifting agri-food regulatory landscape. Commercialized under the brand name SPEAR® LEP, Vestaron’s technology features a novel mode of action, MRL exemption, 4-hour REI, and 0-day PHI, make up a collection of industry-first capabilities. Practically speaking, the stated insecticides have proven to be highly effective on tree nuts, fruits, vegetables, and high-value specialty crops. In fact, during field trials where the technology targeted lepidopteran pests, the results were found as equivalent or superior to conventional insecticides.

“We are excited to join forces with Simplot Grower Solutions – a company with a storied history of innovation on behalf of agriculture – to bring Vestaron’s novel solutions to a broader audience for greater adoption,” said Ben Cicora, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Vestaron Corporation. “This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to transform agriculture.”

As for Simplot, it will bring what would be an experience of more than 90 years, and alongside that, the company will also bring to the fore a comprehensive network of farmers. The latter bit, like you might guess, will come handy in the context of making SPEAR LEP insecticide available throughout the country. Next up, by leveraging their capabilities together, the partners should be able to improve biodiversity practices and promote sustainable agriculture at scale. Apart from enhancing the current reality, the stated partnership will also keep an eye on scaling up farming industry’s future prospects, as there are plans in place to offer advanced tools for pest management at some point down the line.

“Simplot is proud to partner with Vestaron in our aligned commitment to deliver the leading biological crop protection solutions our farmer customers require. This collaboration reinforces our dedication to supporting farmers with the tools they need to continue their legacy for years to come,” said Dean Williams, Head of Product Management for Simplot Grower Solutions,

Founded in 2005, Vestaron has risen up on the back of its novel, effective, and sustainable solutions. These solutions include a whole pipeline covering powerful insecticides with new modes of action based on peptides modified from the venom of spiders and other venomous animals. The company’s excellence in providing these solutions can also be understood once you consider it has already earned recognition from the Crop Science Awards and the EPA’s Green Chemistry Challenge. Not just that, Vestaron was also the first agriculture and food company inducted into the Global CleanTech 100 Hall of Fame.

Making the case for Simplot is its clientele of more than 40,000 customers. To sustain such a size, the company employs around 2,800 people, including over 500 Crop Advisors who strive to be the first choice for growers in agronomic advice, products, services, and agribusiness solutions.