E42 is a firm that creates a marketplace for companies to hire AI workers

Artificial intelligence (AI) workers will soon be able to be recruited via the internet in the same way that employees are hired through recruitment portals.

E42, an AI-focused startup, has announced the launch of a marketplace for AI workers where businesses can search for and hire AI bots ranging from receptionists, customer service executives, and sales agents to HR executives, IT operations managers, lab assistants, and analysts.

Animesh Samuel, co-founder and CEO, E42, said at the launch of the platform, various studies show by 2026 at least 50 per cent of the enterprise workforce will be AI workers, opening up a $800 billion industry business opportunity.

The aim of the E42 marketplace would be to create a platform like Naukri or Monster but for hiring AI workers. “Already around 40 odd AI workers are there as of pre-launch. By the third quarter, we should be having around 150 AI workers available for deployment,” said Samuel.

He said that the need for enterprises to become intelligent has become imperative to sustain profitability every year. “In the last 7 years, unstructured data including social media data has increased and enterprises have to make sense of that data,” he said.

Sanjeev Menon, co-founder and CTO of E42, claimed that AI workers can now connect numerous data sources and generate insights on a variety of interactions. For businesses, this equates to a more efficient company development process.

Menon explained that because E42 is a no-code natural language processing (NLP) platform, the AI workforce may be customised to meet the needs of the business.

“There are partners who come in with their own expertise and requirements. They are able to add their subject matter expertise into the platform and create AI workers to automate specific workers within the organisation,” Menon said.

For some of the organisations, AI has already handled more than 50% of customer interactions, according to E42, and Menon predicts that this will continue to rise as AI adoption moves from an aspirational to a necessary utility for businesses.

E42 presently serves large corporations, startups, and SMEs in industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, financial services, telecommunications, and new age unicorns.