Contractor Compliance: Analyze, Assess, and Improve Compliance

It is evident, more than ever before, that a third party may have an influence on the internal people, products, or processes in an increasingly linked world. Organizations can no longer only focus on their immediate employees. Participants in the supply chain play an important role in the success of the company and should be held to high standards. Contractor Compliance is a cloud-based program that allows businesses to gather, track, and manage compliance requirements for third-party contractors and vendors. With contractor compliance, one can ditch the manual spreadsheets and gain fast access to contractor information from any device, anywhere, at any time. Contractor Compliance as a Service (SaaS) makes it easier for businesses to gather, monitor, and requalify third-party contractor/supplier/vendor requirements so that they may improve compliance.

Within two weeks of activating their Contractor Compliance license, firms often save 70% of their time as compared to traditional third-party management methods. Arose from the realization that there needed to be a better approach to handling third-party contractor compliance. Contractor Compliance is the most cost-effective, quick-to-deploy, and easy-to-use contractor management software available. Communication between employing companies and contractors is eased with Contractor Compliance, saving time, money, and problems. Contractor Compliance is now available as an app for Apple devices in the App Store. Contractors now have more choices for uploading criteria for their hiring companies quickly and simply. By concentrating on the user experience and reducing the number of clicks, Contractor Compliance makes it simpler than ever for contractors, suppliers, and vendors to submit requirements on the go. Making this process easy for the end-user leads to faster and more accurate submissions, whether it’s uploading a document, confirming an agreement, filling out a form, or viewing a video. Spend less time phoning, emailing, and messaging with the outsourced team. Contractor Compliance automates important supply chain interactions, such as notifying users of newly allocated jobs, expired materials, and so on.

Over the last two years, the number of users of Contractor Compliance has increased by 366 percent. As the demand for contractor management software grows, Contractor Compliance has more than quadrupled its customer base during the same period. “Our clients value our ability to configure specific requirements for their organization’s needs. By empowering our clients to create requirements with ease, we’re seeing a significant increase in new requirement types being deployed to third-party subscribers, including Covid-19 visitor screening, vaccination attestations, and others that our clients determine are needed for their specific situations,” says Mark Bania, CEO of Contractor Compliance. Contract Compliance’s native iOS application enables enterprises to communicate with third-party contractors, suppliers, and vendors about essential duties before their next site visit in a more effective manner. Contractor subscribers and their employees may quickly check their compliance status for their connected firms using the iOS app, ensuring that all necessary standards are met. It may also submit required papers and study materials (for example, site orientation movies), fill out digital forms, complete assessments, and receive push alerts when new requirements are assigned or previous contributions are about to expire, ensuring continuing compliance.

Contractor Compliance aims to enable supply chain players (contractors and vendors) to comply with their customers’ environmental health and safety standards, resulting in a better and safer working environment for everyone. Contractor Compliance is ready to give even more value to the customers and users than ever before, owing to expanding the size of their staff, investing in new feature releases, and creating brand new functionalities regularly.

Contractor Compliance

Mark Bania, CEO


“Contract Compliance’s native iOS application enables enterprises to communicate with third-party contractors, suppliers, and vendors about essential duties before their next site visit in a more effective manner.”