Friday, June 14, 2024

Cherry Bekaert: Enabling Business Transformation with Microsoft Technologies

Technology is the backbone of today’s businesses. On the other side of the coin, many businesses struggle to enhance efficiency and drive value through digital and operational optimization. To drive operational efficiency into manufacturing and business processes while developing data sources for the information needed to run the business more effectively and thereby grow organization capability, businesses need the right partnership that could perfectly align with their goals. This is where Cherry Bekaert comes into the picture. Cherry Bekaert provides guidance and support that help businesses move forward to reach their organizational goals. The team will ignite growth with integrated, forward-looking industry solutions that effectively facilitate growth by empowering people and investing in efficient innovative processes to become a futuristic business.


In a nutshell, Cherry Bekaert is a CPA firm with more than half a century’s industry presence. Currently ranked among the nation’s largest accounting firms, Cherry Bekaert is uniquely positioned to impart quality, cost-effective and practical advice to clients that include multinational corporations, private businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental entities, emerging firms, start-ups, and successful individuals. Moreover, at Cherry Bekaert, the team has got everything from strategy to implementation techniques to help mold the client companies to help them adopt the technology and leverage it in their way. “More than just technology, we also bring the tech experts with huge industry experience and know how to implement the sophisticated solutions while meeting all the compliance and regulatory requirements of that particular industry,” Luis Gallardo, Principal, Advisory Services, Cherry Bekaert.


As a company, Cherry Bekaert is focused on really bringing value to its clients while being a trusted adviser to them throughout their journey. At Cherry Bekaert, the team has developed its professional practice to act as a proactive and innovative growth partner for its clients. With more than 1,200 Partners and associates, including consultants, accountants, auditors, and tax advisors, Cherry Bekaert has the proprietary knowledge to design and deliver highly tailored solutions that help clients meet their financial, operational, and strategic goals and objectives. “We’ve got a full inventory for all nine of the industries that we focus on and have a catalog of our solutions. We’ve even built a lot of different applications with Power Apps as an example and that’s a huge differentiator,” adds Gallardo.


What sets the company apart is its keen focus on the midmarket space and bringing a difference by delivering the most unique solutions that could fit the needs of such industries. “So effectively, they’re getting a top-tier consulting firm value for the mid-market space.” Moreover, as a growth partner, Cherry Bekaert provides counsel to innovative entrepreneurs and organizations including start-ups, venture-backed firms, private equity group invested companies, and global public corporations. Its experienced professionals know how to apply the best practices of accounting and business to a technology company and offer the best possible guidance. “We already have a tremendous number of clients that we do tax and audit work for and our advisory services just complement the whole thing. So, we are a full-service provider to them and helping them with their tax and audit needs,” explains Gallardo.


For 75 years, Cherry Bekaert has provided high-quality financial and management services to a diverse and successful client base. Thousands of clients look to Cherry Bekaert’s accountants and advisors for innovative and professional guidance on important operational and financial matters that advance their business goals. Today, the company is expanding aggressively to help enable transformation for businesses by leveraging Microsoft’s technologies. “Our alliance with Microsoft will be expanding to new opportunities and we are working with the team to elevate our level of relationship for delivering the best strategic solutions by leveraging this partnership,” concludes Gallardo.

Cherry Bekaert

Luis Gallardo, Principal, Advisory Services


“More than just technology, we also bring the tech experts with huge industry experience and know how to implement the sophisticated solutions while meeting all the compliance and regulatory requirements”