Calculi: Bridging the Gap to Brilliance

CEO: Eric Billingsley

There is no doubt that DevOps has taken the Silicon Valley by storm. It has been hugely beneficial for software developing fraternity in enhancing the baseline quality of their software development life cycle. However, while we bask in the brilliance of DevOps, we cannot forget one of the basic principles of Silicon Valley. The principle of always striving to improve has been one of the key reasons behind the technology advancement we are witnessing and enjoying these days. DevOps landscape is offering unprecedented positives, however the complex nature of it is posing a real problem for the developers. Acting as an extension of this issue is that even if the companies figure a way around it, they cannot really bypass the string of loopholes that are almost certainly going to remain.

Observing the industry’s struggle on this front, a group of Silicon Valley veterans locked in on a decision to bring an end-to-end solution for SDLC procedure, and that’s how Calculi was born.

“Despite significant investments, large enterprises continue to struggle with the complexity of modern software development and delivery,” CEO and Co-founder of Calculi, Basheer Janjua said in his assessment of the current scenario.

The task in front of them was huge, but the founding group of Calculi had copped enough experience after working with organizations that Fortune considered to be in the top 500 companies in the entire world, so they met heads-on with this challenge. Calculi came up with an end-to-end solution that’s structured to provide help to the developers’ community right from initial commit to production deployment. It has ironed out the wrinkles in the previous method by inducting a different type of neatness and efficiency. The developers now have a set-up to deal with aspects like provisioning and managing cloud infrastructure in a much more seamless manner. This sets off a domino effect on the software development process where you can observe an improved premise for building, testing, packaging, configuring, and deploying of the software. Calculi’s creation not only triggered progress for DevOps as technology, but it also had a comforting effect on the financial books. Calculi’s solution eliminates any requirement for additional expenses to facilitate a respectable level of software delivery performance.

“Calculi intends to revolutionize today’s enterprise DevOps culture similar to how Salesforce transformed the CRM landscape two decades ago,” asserted Eric Billingsley, Calculi’s CTO and co-founder.

Calculi’s unified DevOps platform, Guided-Rails has changed the game forever and has left an indelible mark on the industry, a mark which will continue to make its presence felt for the generations to come. It has become that go-to product for the organizations that are looking to increase productivity levels by streamlining the workings of their development process without having to fork out a heavy sum. This allows even small firms to grow with no fear of creating an unbearable financial burden on the organization.

Calculi, as a company, boast an esteemed clientele. Their impact on the industry has created ripple effects that have well and truly reached at the doorstep of the most reputed companies in the business. On one instance, collaboration with Calculi resulted in a 100 % bump on productivity meter for a global financial services firm. In a short time Calculi has managed to stitch together many of such examples that tell the story of their brilliance. Despite all the resources that we have at our disposal today, companies like Calculi are a rarity. It’s one thing to just thrive as a business, but it takes real courage and grit to thrive as an innovator who’s constantly striving for a better tomorrow. The visionary workforce at Calculi plans to further enhance the overall landscape of the industry and beyond in the upcoming years. While the company has already gathered a fair amount of appreciation, the best part is it’s only getting started.   




CEO- Eric Billingsley


After years of trial and error in digital transformations plus decades of experience in managing development and operations teams, Calculi recognized common obstacles to implementing DevOps. Armed with experience and a vision they built the first DevOps 3.0 platform, Guide-Rails. Now organizations of all sizes can take advantage of this disruptive technology to avoid common time-consuming mistakes, and quickly achieve the desired DevOps culture of speed with trust.