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The Ultimate Guide: 10 Best CBD Cigarettes In The World Right Now

Description: What do you do if you want to quit smoking but cannot find the courage for it? The best would be to quit cold turkey, but one more way is to induct yourself out of the habit slowly. CBD cigarettes could help you do that.

Cigarette smoking has been in the limelight for centuries now. Believe it or not, there was a time when everyone believed smoking cigarettes was a relaxation habit, but as science progressed, it was discovered that it caused more harm than good. On that same note, we now know the repercussions of smoking tobacco cigs.

Unfortunately, quitting smoking is better said than done, but now using CBD cigarettes, a tobacco-free world might be nearer than we thought. Wondering what CBD cigarettes are? In simple terms, they are just like traditional cigarettes with only cannabidiol minus all the other harmful traditional cigarette ingredients like nicotine and tar.

That said, let’s find out the ten best cannabidiol cigs brands in the market.

1. Sweet Cake

This brand offers special CBD cigarettes with a well-thought blend of earth, gelato, and cake flavors that stimulate the senses. These cannabidiol cigarettes are immaculately sealed in a glass tube, and each joint has 0.6 grams of organic hemp and crutches. The cannabidiol concentration is at 18.5% and is from an Indica strain of the hemp. It is best for sleep induction, relaxation, and pain relief.

2. Dough Boy

This brand of CBD cigarettes consists of hybrid cigs available in either a 7-pack or a 2-pack. One Dough Boy has 0.6 grams of organic hemp with an 85 milligram content of cannabidiol. Also sealed in a glass tube, this CBD cigarette is perfect for a relaxation session. The terpene formulation consists of an earthy scent, creamy aroma, and a sweet smell.

3. Sour Gummi

Sour Gummi is one of the best CBD cigarettes, and it is also a hybrid strain available in a 2-count pack. Each joint has a CBD content of 16.9% flavored with sour, fruity, and sweet aromas when lit up. The total cannabinoids percentage for each cig is 21.7%. The sour Gummi is perfect for a boost of mood to get you focused and productiv

4. Plain Jane

The Plain Jane CBD cigarettes come in 2-pack, 10-pack, or 20-pack, each stick having a 72 mg CBD content. This brand has an odorless aroma that is great for staying conspicuous. One of the CBD cigarettes health effects Plain Jane offers is fewer toxins’ inhalation. It is excellent for outdoor smoking due to the reduced odor effect.

5. Mr. Rainbow

Mr. Rainbow is a great hybrid mood booster that comes in either a 2-count or 7-count package. The joints are well stuffed in a glass tube and have a CBD content of 22.3%. The 0.6 g joint also has 24.2% cannabinoids. The tastes used in these CBD cigarettes are cream, haze, and cookies.

6. Frosted Kush

This brand is an Indica strain purchased in either 2-count or 7-count casings. Sticks are enclosed in a glass tube, and each weighs 0.6 g with a 19.5% CBD content. When burned, they give out berries and cupcakes aromas.

7. Papaya Nights

Papaya Nights is a Sativa strain designed for relaxation with the tropical fruit, earthy and sweet scents. The glass sealed CBD cigarettes; each has 76 mg cannabidiol content with 95 mg cannabinoids. They each weigh 0.6g.

8. The Secret OG

An Indica strain with four distinctive aromas, kush, bubblegum, diesel, the Secret OG is available in a 2-count or 7-count packet. The cannabidiol content per joint is 18%, and the available cannabinoids are 19%. The Secret OG is perfect for a chilling session.

9. Colorado Hemp Sticks

This brand has a catchy flavor majorly of hemp, which gives it a natural feel as you smoke into relaxation. The Colorado Hemp Sticks have a shallow THC content at 0.3%, which provides you with a mild high feeling. Each packet comes with 20 joints.

10. LiveHemiply

One packet of LiveHempily comes with 20 CBD cigarettes, each containing 25 mg of CBD. The hemp used is GMO-free. They are highly potent and handy for pain relief, inflammation, and curb anxiety and depression.


If you compare the use of CBD cigs and tobacco cigs, CBD cigarettes are safe for you. They have fewer toxins in their composition and offer you extra benefits like relaxation, pain relief, pain relief, and quitting tobacco cigarettes.

Do CBD cigarettes work? Yes, they do! Just make sure you have the best CBD content for your condition and smoke the problem away!

About the author

Rae Hudson, EV Contributor

Rae Hudson tried to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes for three years. But all that changed after she gave CBD cigarettes a try. So far, she has reduced her smoking habit and hopes to eliminate it by the end of the year entirely.